Electrolytes in the Body Help to Quizlet

electrolytes in the body help to quizlet 36889

Did you know that electrolytes in the body help maintain balance? These compounds are necessary for many bodily functions, including hydration and heart rate. Not only do they provide hydration, they can also help diagnose many medical conditions. Understanding the role of electrolytes in the body will allow you to avoid future health concerns and adverse effects. In this quizlet, we’ll explore the importance of electrolytes in the body.

What is an electrolyte? Electrolytes are chemicals that have a negative or positive electrical charge. When dissolved in liquid, electrolytes can conduct electricity. Salt is a good example of an electrolyte, because it contains two oppositely charged atoms, sodium and chlorine. When combined, these atoms balance one another out and help the body maintain its equilibrium. When you dissolve salt in water, you break the atoms of sodium and chlorine and conduct electricity between them.

Electrolytes in the Body Help to Quizlet
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