ELoTRiX assets

ELoTRiX is a German game streamer. His Twitch channel has nearly 1 million subscribers. How rich is ELoTRiX?

Youtuber. Born on January 4th, 1992 in Germany. ELoTRiX assets is estimated at around 1 million euros. His second channel was actually the first YouTube account he’d set up in February 2011. He also has 276,000 followers on Instagram and 207,000 followers on Twitter.

Bourgeois name: Carsten
ELoTRiX size: 1.75 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 2012

What are the assets of ELoTRiX?
ELoTRiX assets are currently € 1 million.

Twitch subscribers: 990,808 subscribers (@ELoTRiX)
Is also often searched for: MontanaBlack, KayzahR, Bibanator, Felix von der Laden.

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ELoTRiX assets

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