Emerging HIM Roles

The HIM profession is always changing. One way to keep up is to increase your knowledge of new roles in the field. Consider the AHIMA career map and its HIM Reimagined strategy. Below are the roles that are changing in the HIM field. To learn more, visit the AHIMA website. There are other emerging roles within the field, too. An IT manager could be a new role, while a medical records analyst could be the new director.

Although the future of HIM remains uncertain, there are some key changes that can be made to ensure the profession’s success. It’s important to remain active in self-evaluation, as roles and functions are largely reactive, rather than proactive. HIM professionals need to be change agents and adapt to a constantly changing environment in order to stay relevant. HIM professionals can be a catalyst for innovation in the healthcare industry by adapting to a changing environment.

The AHIMA has created a study that details the roles and responsibilities of HIM professionals. It also examines how they interact with each other. They also examined the degree of involvement with various work activities. The study found that those in the field of HIM management are more likely than others to manage specific areas. Others are more likely, however, to handle legal and regulatory issues. The study also examines the growing diversity of HIM professionals and the changing nature of their work.

Emerging HIM Roles
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