English Bulldog Colors

Your English Bulldog will love chocolate if you are a fan of chocolate. There are many colors available for the English Bulldog, including chocolate and black. These colors are not acceptable by kennel clubs but can be found in certain breeds. Black English Bulldogs are a rare breed. Only a few shows allow Black English Bulldogs.

Chocolate English Bulldogs are actually diluted-black dogs that have one or both of the two gene types. Chocolate English Bulldogs are not pure chocolate, unlike blue Bulldogs. They have brown pigment. Although they may have some fawn undercoat, they are still considered chocolate. Their nose, eye rims and paw pads are all brown. These dogs may not be AKC registered. This is a rare color in the English Bulldog, so the breeder should know what to look for when choosing a chocolate bulldog.

English Bulldogs are often referred to as Merles. Although they share the same genetic makeup, they have a unique color scheme. Merles, on the other hand, are born with a distinct, speckled coat. Their coat can be any color, from light brown to black. Your personal preference will dictate the color of your bulldog’s coat.

A tri-color English Bulldog is a great choice for your family, regardless of whether you want a red or chocolate English Bulldog. English Bulldogs come in a variety of colors and can be difficult to find. Blue, chocolate, or black are the most common tri-color English Bulldogs. Lilac tri-color English Bulldogs are the most unusual and difficult to breed. These bulldogs are more expensive than bicolor English Bulldogs but they are worth looking at.

Chocolate is tempting for humans, but not for English Bulldogs. Theobromine is a substance found in chocolate that can cause poisoning in dogs. Although small amounts of theobromine are safe for humans, large quantities can cause serious health problems in English Bulldogs. Aside from vomiting, chocolate can also cause problems with the heart, including an abnormal heartbeat and seizures. Dark chocolate contains more theobromine, so keep your dog away from it.

Tri-color English Bulldogs are a rare breed. Their base coat is chocolate with tan patches around their eyes. Their eyes are either green or hazel. Their noses are dark brown. The average bulldog’s coat is blue-grey, although the AKC doesn’t have a standard color. Those with chocolate bulldogs are also very handsome and have many different traits. You are sure to find the perfect tri-color English Bulldog for your home and personality.

Fawn is a rare color in English Bulldogs, but it does exist. The bb genotype gives the English Bulldog its color. It should appear black in the sun, but may be tan against darker objects. Its eyeliner and nose should be black. It is also sometimes called a lilac English Bulldog. Those with a lilac coat have tan points on their face.

English Bulldog Colors
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