English Cream Dachshund

An English cream dachsund breed is rare. Their coats are a light shade of black, despite their light color. It is important to know the difference between the English cream and the cream English dachshunds. The former has more coloration, while the latter isn’t really cream. The first is darker due to the dark tips on its ears, tail, and nose. The latter is cream throughout.

English Cream dachshunds need exercise to stay healthy and fit. Thirty minutes of daily walking will protect their spines and health. If exercised too much, however, English Cream dachshunds may experience health problems. Playing fetch, hide-and-seek, and football are suitable ways to provide the exercise they need. And don’t forget about their love of water! English Creams are water-loving dogs who also love swimming!

While cream doxies are mainly a color that is indicative of British blood, English Cream dachshunds can have any underlying color. This could be due to the recessive Chinchilla genetic. English Cream dachshunds are born with a darker coat than other doxies, but develop cream coloring with age. This beautiful color is rare and expensive, and a purebred English Cream dachsund can cost up to $1500. Make sure to choose a reputable breeder who has documented British ancestry.

Joint abnormalities are very common in English Cream Dachshunds. These conditions can affect all breeds of dogs, but they are more common in small- and medium-sized dogs. Two common joint conditions that affect the English Cream Dachshund are hip dysplasia and elbow. Before selling their dogs, reputable breeders will screen them for these conditions. If you are considering adopting an English Cream puppy, make sure to check for signs of infection in the joints.

A good breeder specializes in English Cream dachshunds. Crown Dachshunds is located in Southern California and has pups all over the United States and the world. Their English Cream dachshunds are AKC-registered and come with first shots. A puppy kit includes toys and food as well as a pee pad. Their puppies will be raised in a loving family environment and socialized well when they return home.

An English cream dachshund’s temperament is in harmony with its beautiful coat. The breed is calm and sweet, a perfect match for its rabbit-like color. They can be a good fit for small spaces, although they can be highly territorial. They need to be socialized from a young age to prevent them from attacking and barking at new people. And despite their small size, the English cream dachshund is a perfect pet for anyone who loves quiet and easy-going dogs.

Although the English cream dachsund sheds very little, it does need to be groomed regularly. It needs moderate grooming and should be brushed at most twice per month. The dandruff and brushing will keep the coat clean. A regular brushing will help prevent the occurrence of infection, redness, and an unpleasant odor.

English Cream Dachshund
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