English Shepherd Vs Australian Sheepdog

If you are looking to buy a dog, you should know about the differences between an English shepherd and an Australian sheepdog. While both breeds are essentially the same, they are very different in a few major ways. Australian shepherds are primarily used to herd sheep, while English shepherds can be trained as guard dogs. Depending on your needs, one breed may be better for you than the other.

Both breeds have their share of health issues. The Aussie is more susceptible to cataracts than the English, but they are generally less likely to develop eye problems. Cataracts can be painful and impair vision, but surgery can usually correct these problems. A similar condition, distichiasis, is a condition in which extra eyelashes grow over the oil gland, irritating the eye. You can treat this condition by freezing the eyelashes with liquid nitrogen. This is called cryoepilation, and it is performed under general anesthesia.

Both Australian sheepdogs and English shepherds are very intelligent. They are capable of performing a variety of different tasks, such as herding sheep, protecting livestock, and even working as guard dogs. Australian sheepdogs, on the other hand, tend to be less independent, and they are more likely to bite people. English shepherds are great pets for families, though, and Aussies are great for large yards and farms.

English Shepherds have a very high level of energy. They tend to be active and will spend the majority of their day pacing and playing. However, they also require a high level of grooming. A typical English Shepherd will need daily brushing and exercise, so be prepared to invest in a brush! If you decide to purchase an English Shepherd puppy, be sure to choose a good breeder. You can avoid many of the negative traits of this breed by choosing an adult dog.

The Australian Shepherd is more trainable and obedient than the German Shepherd. They are both good with children, but can be pushy and aloof around livestock. They need to be socialized early. Aussies are also good with children, but require a large yard to exercise. They are very loyal to their family and do best with children. These dogs make great pets but require lots of space and exercise to be happy.

The main difference between Australian and English shepherds is in the color of their coats. While English shepherds have smoother hair, Aussies do not. The difference can be based on color. Australian shepherds can have blue merle, red merle, or black tricolor. The coat thickness is another difference between the two breeds. Aussies are also generally rounder and have thicker coats than English shepherds. Their tails are also docked while English shepherds tend to keep a long tail.

The Australian Shepherd is more likely to develop a merle-coated coat than the English. They can be tricolor, black, or tan, but can be any shade of brown. Aussies prefer to heel, however. You should make sure you get the best dog food available if you are looking to get one of these dogs.

English Shepherd Vs Australian Sheepdog
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