Erin and Chad Paine Move to a New House in 2021

Erin and Chad Paine have recently announced they are moving to a new house and state. The couple has been known for making the most out of their small space, so it’s nice to see the new home up close and personal. The new home measures 900 square feet. It is therefore a rental. Erin shared some of the design choices for the home with fans, and even answered some questions.

The Paines have found the perfect home for their growing family. Their four children, ranging in age from six to two years old, can easily fit in their new home. They already have a son Carson, as well as two daughters, Brooklyn Elise, 3, and Everly Hope. Their newest addition, Finley Marie, is due in January, so it’s nice to see that their home is big enough for all of their needs.

Erin Paine is married to Chad and has four children. In fact, her four children are quite adorable. She posted a picture of them on Instagram. Many of her followers thought it was a dig at Bates sisters. Erin and Chad have four kids together, and they wanted to have more. Recent health issues have put an end to their hopes.

Despite the criticism, the new house is an exciting project for Erin and Chad Paine. They are looking forward to having their kids grow up in their new home and tackling the challenges that come with it. The Paines’ new house will be stunning and be a hit in their neighborhood.

Erin and Chad Paine Move to a New House in 2021
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