Ernst Tanner fortune

Ernst Tanner is a Swiss manager and entrepreneur. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the chocolate manufacturer Lindt & Sprüngli. How rich is Ernst Tanner?

Economic manager. Born on July 24, 1946 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Ernst Tanner fortune is estimated at around 700 million euros. After completing his bachelor’s degree in business administration, Tanner continued his education at business schools in London and Harvard. He worked for over 25 years in a leading management position in the Johnson & Johnson group in Europe and the USA. From 1993 to 2016 he was Managing Director (CEO) of Lindt & Sprüngli, since 1994 he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors, and has held a dual mandate as CEO for many years.

Bourgeois name: Ernst Tanner
Ernst Tanner size: 1.80 m
Nationality: Swiss
His career began: 1970

What is Ernst Tanner’s net worth?
Ernst Tanner’s assets are currently € 700 million.

He is also a member of the advisory boards of the German Krombacher Brewery and the Austrian Signa Holding.
Is also often searched for: Dieter Weisskopf, Rudolf Sprüngli, Antonio Bulgheroni, Nick Hayek.

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Ernst Tanner fortune

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