Erwin Junker fortune

Erwin Junker is a German manufacturer who founded the Junker Group. How rich is Erwin Junker?

Entrepreneur. Born on April 15, 1930 in Nordrach, Germany. Erwin Junker fortune is estimated at around 750 million euros. After attending elementary school in the Kolonie district, he worked in his parents’ company for three years. However, instead of taking over his parents’ business, as was the tradition, Erwin Junker decided on a career in mechanical engineering. In 1947 he began an apprenticeship at Haas.

Bourgeois name: Erwin Junker
Erwin Junker size: 1.84 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1947

What is Erwin Junker’s net worth?
Erwin Junker’s assets are currently € 750 million.

Established organization: Junker group
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Erwin Junker fortune

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