Evan McPherson’s Wife – Gracie Groat

While we are on the topic of Gracie Groat we should probably concentrate on Evan McPherson and her relationship. They often share photos of each other on social media and seem to never miss a special occasion. So who is Gracie Groat, and what are her plans for the future? What are her plans for the future? Find out in this article! Read on to discover more about Evan McPherson’s relationship with Gracie Groat!

Gracie Groat

Gracie Groat, a college student at Auburn University is engaged to NFL kicker Evan McPherson. They met in ninth grade. Their relationship has been public, and Evan has never hidden his feelings. They are in a committed relationship but have not yet disclosed their wedding date. This could be because they’re both busy preparing for their future careers.

Gracie Groat is an Alabama native. She was the daughter of David Groat, and Lindy Groat. They have three children together: John Clayon (JP Groat), Maggie (Maggie). Both parents graduated from Payne High School. David is a vice-president at Sandi Express LLC. They currently reside in Los Angeles. They’ve been married for six years and have one daughter.

Evan McPherson is an NFL kicker and a college student. She is a big supporter of her husband and has posted many photos to her Instagram and Twitter accounts. One of their photos is of them in the front row at an Auburn basketball game. Another picture shows them kissing on December 26. Evan then walked back to the game after kissing Ashley Groat’s hand.

Logan McPherson, Evan’s older brother, started kicking for the football team when he was a child. Alex, Evan’s older brother, also plays kickball. His parents have two children, Alex and Logan, and Amber is the social worker at the First Baptist Church of Fort Payne. Gracie Groat, Evan McPherson’s wife, is a Christian who is involved in the Fort Payne First Baptist Church.

Evan McPherson

Evan McPherson is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Gracie Groat. They met in high school and were only one year apart. Although they have been together since early teens, they have not yet set a wedding date. Evan and Gracie have been sharing photos of themselves on social media. Evan also shared a photo of Gracie’s beautiful ring.

Evan McPherson’s longtime fiancee Gracie Goat supports the kicker’s draft spot. Evan and Gracie have been together for many years, and the two plan to enjoy the Super Bowl together. Evan’s fiancee made it clear that her husband is proud of his success in the NFL. The couple will have a wonderful time together.

McPherson is still very human, despite all the praise he receives. His incredibly high field-goals have been compared to those of a seven-year-old boy. Evan McPherson is happy to smile smugly at older children, provided he doesn’t get caught. He also makes his wife happy by showing her the love she feels for him.

Evan McPherson’s family is full of football players, and his parents are a social worker and drama director at the First Baptist Church of Fort Payne, Alabama. Their children have been playing football since childhood. Amber, Evan’s wife has also made a career out of it. Amber, Evan’s wife is also an actress. Despite his celebrity status, Evan continues to prioritize his wife’s happiness over his own.

Evan was born in Fort Payne, Alabama. In high school, he was a punter and a kicker. He later made the All-State team. His family admits that he sometimes freaks out before big kicks, but they say that he has faith in God and their family. Evan McPherson’s wife is a well-known celebrity in the NFL. And a lot of people are interested in learning more about the couple.


Evan McPherson has a net worth of $5 million. Evan plays for the Cincinnati Bengals. He has a four-year contract with a guaranteed salary of $3.8 million and has received a signing bonus of $85,928. His wife is a professional football fan who is constantly updating her followers on Twitter with team updates. She is also very active on social media and posts photos of her children.

They met while they were still in highschool, when they were both in eighth grades. Their love story started when they were just kids, and Evan proposed to Gracie when they were in ninth grade. The couple have been dating since then, and they’ve remained close. The couple is yet to choose a date for their wedding. They plan to marry on July 14, 2021.

Despite her success in football, Evan McPherson’s fiancee, Gracie, said she’s never argued with her husband. He’s been her partner since ninth grade. They won the state championship three more years later. Her brother, Alex, is an Auburn University kicker. He’s currently dating Hannah Simpson. He’s also a quality manager for a steel company.

Evan McPherson is a kicker and his younger brother Alex is setting a high school record. Evan McPherson watched live as his younger brother broke a 61-yard field goal. He missed a 66-yard field goal, but he drilled a 52-yard field goal in the same game. His goal put him on the way to the AFC Championship. The Bengals won the Super Bowl.

Evan McPherson’s girlfriend, Evan McPherson, is an avid content creator. She shares a Facebook page with her sister that she uses to promote her content. They spend most weekends together and celebrate special occasions together. They have never been open about their relationship. While they’ve remained out of the public eye, they’ve never hidden their relationship. They were engaged in December 2016 after a simple ceremony.

Plans to get married

Evan McPherson is engaged to Gracie Groat. He plans to marry her in July 2021. The two met in school and have been dating for over seven years. Recently, they shared pictures of themselves on social media. Evan captioned the pictures with the words “Countdown is on.”

Online buzz has been generated by the engagement news. McPherson’s long-term fiancee, Gracie Goat has reportedly supported his NFL draft position. They plan to celebrate Super Bowl together over the next few weeks. Their Instagram accounts have attracted over 85,000 followers within the last 48 hours. His parents have been asked numerous times by sports-centric outlets like Nickelodeon or ESPN to interview him. According to his parents, Evan and Gracie have been dating since ninth grade and have long-distance Bible studies.

The couple got engaged on July 14, 2021. They haven’t revealed the date, but the two shared pictures of their engagement. Evan proposed to Gracie while on one knee, and proudly displayed the engagement ring. Evan called Gracie his soulmate and said that he couldn’t have imagined a more romantic evening to propose to her. Evan said that Gracie was his soulmate and that he couldn’t wait for her to marry him.

American football kicker Evan McPherson. He played in the AFC playoffs and was selected by the Bengals in the fifth round. McPherson was a part of the team’s first postseason appearance since 1981, when he made 28 of 33 field goals. In addition to his kicks, McPherson is a big fan of Cincinnati Bengals fan Gracie Groat.

Evan McPherson’s younger sibling, Alex McPherson. He was Fort Payne’s kicker in 2019 and made All-State. Alex is a Christian, with the Zodiac sign of Cancer. Evan and his wife are planning to tie the knot in the near future. The couple’s firstborn daughter will be a child. He plans to make it a happy event for all of them.

Evan McPherson’s Wife – Gracie Groat
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