Everyone Hates Chris Big Cookie

Everyone Hates Chris Big Cookie is a hilarious animated comedy series that follows the life of a high-school-aged black kid in a predominantly Italian neighborhood. Chris is a “dork”, and struggles to fit in socially at the beginning of the series. However, in the fourth season, he has overcome his shyness and becomes the ‘cool loser’ that the show is renowned for. In episode titled “Everybody Hates Chris Big Cookie”, Julius gives Drew a jersey signed and dated by Wayne “Gritzky”, an NHL hockey player. Some white guys try to take Drew’s jersey, but back off when they notice that Drew’s jersey is misspelled.

Other black students are also featured in the show. Tonya, Chris’s best friend and fellow black girl, attends first-class schools while the rest of the students attend nearby schools. Similar to Tonya, Chris has a crush upon Caruso but doesn’t try to stop him. Chris is not able to defend himself against Caruso, despite his friendship with Tonya.

Terry Crews was not an actor before “Everybody Hates Chris”. He had appeared in small projects like “My Wife and Kids” before making his big break in the comedy. He has appeared in numerous other projects and on television shows such as “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” or “The Walking Dead”. He was also the voice of the villain detective in Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon.

The second episode, ‘Everybody Hates Caruso’, is a climax for the series. Chris defeats Caruso and knocks out his teeth before taking Caruso’s house. Chris wins the worst seats in his house, which is a funny twist to the story. Christopher has been a “big brother” since the sixth season. The show is based on Chris Rock’s early childhood and has many laugh-inducing moments.

Another character, Jerome, is played by Kevontay Jackson, and is Chris’ only true friend. He greets Chris with “Lemme hold a dollar” and refers to him as the “li’l dude across the street.” At first, Jerome is a predator, but later, he develops a friendly side to him. This is the main character of the comedy.

Vincent Martella, a young actor, played Greg Wuliger, his best friend despite his ‘Everybody Hates Chris” name. Martella was a part actor in a few television shows before the series began, including Nickelodeon’s “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” and Rob Schneider’s “Deuce Bigalow, The European Gigolo”. His status as an actor rose dramatically after he began wearing Greg Wuliger’s suit.

Another episode follows Chris’ life after he drops out of high school and gets his GED. Chris is a high school student with two talents. He can play basketball and call basketball games. When he turns 18, he discovered stand-up comedy. He tells jokes to get respect and is late for school. Chris drops out of high school and gets his GED. He eventually becomes a well-known comedian.

Everyone Hates Chris Big Cookie
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