Excellent Property Management Software For Small Landlords

While choosing a property management software, you need to analyze your requirements and preferences. A property management software can simplify a complex process by automating many aspects of the property management process. Whether you own a single rental property or many, the software should help you stay on top of everything related to your properties. Read on to learn more about some of the best property management software for small landlords available. Here are a few of our recommendations:

Tenant Cloud

TenantCloud can help landlords manage their properties. TenantCloud includes a customizable rent dashboard that lets you keep track of tenants and payments. Tenants can create their own profiles to include photos and rental history, as well as receipts and agreements. TenantCloud has an automated rent payment feature that helps tenants pay their rent on-time.

While Avail offers a free plan for small landlords with up to 75 rental units, its paid plan is expensive, averaging $5 per unit a month. The free plan is also limited, while the paid plan offers unlimited listing submission to other websites. TenantCloud offers a similar free plan that can be used for up to 75 units. Depending on the number of units, you can upgrade to the standard or growth plans.

The app allows landlords to stay in touch with tenants as well as contractors, and the free version is available. TenantCloud’s mobile app is free and can be used to track all your rental properties, incoming applicants, and rent payments. Landlords have the ability to schedule maintenance for their units. They can also access information about vacant units from anywhere, using their smartphone.

Choosing the right property management software is critical for the success of your rental business. While a single feature is not necessarily the best for all landlords, it’s better than no software at all. TenantCloud is an example of a cloud-based platform that allows small landlords to manage their rental properties without the need to hire a property manager. Choosing the best software for your business is critical to ensuring your tenants’ happiness.

Turbo Tenant

There are many options for small landlords who want a simple, effective property management system. TurboTenant is one of our most popular choices. This software allows you to create a free account and use its basic software services for free. The service can be used to create lease agreements or receive electronic signatures. TurboTenant also offers state-specific lease agreement templates that save you time by eliminating the need to create custom documents. Moreover, it can integrate with QuickBooks and other financial software, which makes it easy to create and manage expense reports.

TurboTenant lets you send emails and text messages to your tenants, in addition to storing and sending important documents. To respond to tenant messages, you can also use the chatbox in-app. You can also send bulk emails or SMS text messages to tenants using the software. If your tenants are not connected to the internet, you can also use the software to send them online payments. You can accept payments via debit or credit cards, as well as use ACH for payment.

TurboTenant is a great tool for small landlords to keep track of all information about their rental property, including vacancies and rent payments. It also offers tools for creating customized residential lease agreements, as well as the ability to request e-signatures. TurboTenant is simple to use and affordable for small landlords. It can be frustrating, however, if there are vacant properties at short notice.


A good property management software for small landlords should streamline and automate processes so that you can focus on the things that really matter to you, not the minutia. The software should offer online leasing documents and electronic signatures for tenants. It should streamline the rental application process, including tenant screening, as well as integrate with high-traffic rental listings sites. The software should also connect with your bank account and generate financial reports.

Small landlords can use property management software that allows you to screen tenants and track tenant requests and repairs. You can also keep records of all rent payments. These features are crucial to ensure smooth operation of your rental properties. You can also access your landlord software from your smartphone. This is great for those who are always on the move. However, it’s important to remember that the free version of this software has limited features.

TurboTenant is another excellent property management software that small landlords can use. This software offers a free trial. The free trial is limited to a set number of units and a specified time, but you can still use it without risking any money. TurboTenant offers a free account for tenants. For an extra fee, you can upgrade to the advanced version, which costs $35. This software is not limited to landlords, however.

The free version of TenantCloud is great for small landlords and DIYers. This program can be used free of charge to manage up five units. However, if you wish to integrate Quickbooks with it, you will need to upgrade to the Standard or Advanced subscription. These paid plans cost $420 per year and include more features than their free version. They’re also cheaper and simpler to use than some of the other options.


If you’re a landlord with a few properties, SimplifyEm’s online portal lets you monitor your properties and communicate with tenants. Tenants can view their balances, pay rent and view reminders. They can also communicate with managers online. SimplifyEm can support up to 2,000 units but is best suited for smaller landlords. Prices start at $20 per month for ten properties. The price goes up $10 per ten units, so you can easily scale up or down without breaking the bank. The basic version charges $1 per unit. The premium version is billed monthly and costs $1410 per month.

The software offers a wide range of customizable reports. Any type of report can be created by the user. The system recognizes recurring income and provides useful additional tips for property management. It also provides a list of frequently overlooked write-offs as well as additional tips specific to each property. It allows the user to quickly and easily navigate through different months, years, and properties, and even includes supporting documents.

SimplifyEm is an online property manager software for landlords and property managers. The software is easy to use and affordable. It also has many features that make managing properties easier. With SimplifyEm, landlords and property managers can keep track of rental income and expenses, manage tenants, and view their leases. Tenants can even pay rent online through the tenant portal. SimplifyEm offers unlimited telephone and email support for owners.

SimplifyEm’s online portal makes it easy to track cash transactions and unexpected expenses. You can generate reports for individual properties or multiple rental properties from one place, which saves you time and money. You can also automate repetitive tasks. It’s cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere you want. In addition to SimplifyEm, MRI Software is the best option for managing commercial properties. The software offers space management, strategic planning, compliance with local housing regulations, and compliance.


Whether you are a new landlord or a long-time property manager, Hemlane is a powerful tool to help you manage your rental properties. Its extensive feature set covers everything from leasing to collecting rent. With automated payments, reminders, and other tools, you can stay on top of your property’s finances. Hemlane also offers several bank account connections, making it easy to keep track of your finances.

The Hemlane platform is simple to use and offers a free trial. It includes marketing tools that help you find renters and handle rental applications. It also allows you to track expenses and rents, perform a thorough credit check on potential renters, and handle maintenance requests. The software offers monthly, yearly, or per-unit billing options. You can test it for a month before you commit to a monthly plan.

Hemlane automates the leasing process, and ensures that tenants are satisfied with their rent payments. Hemlane allows you to access top property rental sites and forwards potential tenants directly to a rental listing website. Interested tenants can also fill out an online application, which Hemlane uses to conduct a thorough background check on them. The system also generates a listing page that you can easily share with prospective tenants.

Hemlane is affordable to small landlords. It does not charge onboarding fees, and it does not require a minimum number of properties. The system provides a detailed tenant report, including their credit history and criminal background. This feature is not quite as comprehensive as a third-party screening, but it is an excellent resource for landlords who want to conduct their own tenant screening. The system also has a debit card with unlimited 1% cash back.

Excellent Property Management Software For Small Landlords
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