Exquisite Senior Care and Assisted Living

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Exquisite Senior Care, a Las Vegas assisted living facility, is located in Nevada. The facility is a board and care home, which means that it provides personalized assistance for seniors living alone or in a small group. Residents can enjoy activities and socialization in a comfortable, caring environment. The community is located near shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and other amenities. Residents can expect friendly and compassionate service from all staff members.

The Exquisite Senior Care Assisted living facility is located in Hollywood’s Highland Garden neighborhood. The area is home to approximately 42,000 people, with an average household income of $37,025. The facility is located near numerous medical facilities and local shopping centers, and is within walking distance of various drug stores. The facility is also close to a number of churches, such as the West Side Baptist Church and the Unity Church of Hollywood. St. John’s Lutheran Church and Alessi Dan Association.

Located in Hollywood, Florida, the Exquisite Senior Care Assisted Living facility is convenient for seniors living in a busy, fast-paced city. Residents can access local entertainment, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers, without sacrificing their comfort and well-being. The staff is friendly and dedicated to providing personalized care for residents. They are also licensed by the state to provide 24-hour, awake staff. A caregiver is always available for residents to help them, regardless of whether they are recovering from surgery, need assistance with personal hygiene or need assistance with toileting.

The Exquisite Senior Care Assisted Living facility is an option for seniors who still have some independence but would like to live in a home with many amenities. It is located near hospitals and rehabilitation centers making it easy for seniors to live independently without having to move. The facility is also convenient for seniors who need assistance with money management and dry cleaning. The property is equipped with many different amenities, including a library, a pool, and a fitness room.

Exquisite Senior Care assisted living is located in Hollywood, FL. It offers assisted living for 6 residents. Its location is convenient for local amenities, including a movie theater, restaurants, and local attractions. It has a friendly environment and is near a hospital. It offers a variety of services and amenities to residents. Some of these include money management, dry cleaning, and transportation. Residents enjoy the benefits of a safe, supportive community.

Six-beds are available at the Exquisite Senior Care Assisted living facility. The building is located near the downtown Hollywood area. This community is home to 42,000 people. The median household income is $37,025. This facility is located within walking distance of the Kindred Hospital-Hollywood and numerous drugstores. It is close to local church and recreation facilities. It is not licensed by the state but it is a great option for seniors who are able to live independently.

The Exquisite Senior Care Assisted Living facility is in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, FL. The property is located 0.8 miles from Hollywood’s downtown. This residential care facility is in a lower-middle-class area, which is typical for Los Angeles. The average household income in the area is $43,494, which is slightly below the national average. Exquisite Senior Care charges a monthly fee of $2,963 for an apartment. In the United States, assisted living facilities can provide 24-hour care.

Exquisite Senior Care Assisted Living is a 6 bed senior care facility in Hollywood, California. It offers a variety of amenities including a chapel, swimming pool, and fitness center. There is a 24-hour awake staff, but this is not required by state law. In some cases, a 24-hour awake staff is required to provide assistance for a resident. The caregivers at Exquisite Senior Care Assisted Living are licensed in the state of Florida to provide care to up to six residents.

Residents at Exquisite Senior Care assisted living enjoy a warm and welcoming environment with their friends. The facility is near many shopping and entertainment options, and the residents can enjoy the facilities with their family and pets. The company also provides short-term rehabilitative services. This place allows elderly people to live in comfort with their loved ones in a homelike setting. There is 24-hour-alive staff in the community.

Exquisite Senior Care and Assisted Living
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