Extreme Farts Extension Pack

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Extreme Farts Extension Pack contains a variety of farts including Beethoven’s “Happy Birthday”, a dinosaur fart and a unicorn fart. There are also farts for donkeys’ “Pants Ripper” and many other animals. If you’re looking for the ultimate fart-induced escapade, this is the perfect purchase. Amazon Prime members can purchase the pack for $1.60

The pack comes with a variety of add-ons to add to your Amazon Echo devices, including dragons and Beethoven-style farts. You can ask Alexa to do other tasks when she is prompted. After installation, you can ask Alexa to fart and she will happily perform any task that you request. The Extreme Farts extension pack is compatible with all Echo devices, so you don’t have to worry about using voice commands to make purchases.

This extension pack includes premium gas explosions, including a toilet explosion, a thunderous fart, and a pants-ripping explosion. This extension pack allows you to fart in public without worrying that your microphone might be damaged. You can even share your fart videos via social media! It’s safe for microphones, so you can share them with friends or post them on Facebook or Twitter.

Extreme Farts Extension Pack
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