F2 Emperor Help – How to Play the Emperor in F2

Are you having trouble with the Emperor This article will provide you with some helpful tips to help you out! To do massive damage to the Emperor, you can combine several spells. Unlike the other characters, your Emperor has no weaknesses and no obvious weaknesses. Learn how to play the Emperor! These items can also be used to aid you:

Blood Sword: This weapon can drain a 16th of the Emperor’s HP and deals more damage than most weapons. The Emperor’s status protection is bypassed and this weapon weakens his attacks. This strategy may work for some players, but it’s not for everyone. You may need to play around with your strategy but the goal is to get as many Emperor-worthy items as possible.

Battle Sprite: The battle sprite for the Emperor has no lower half, only the torso. This makes the Emperor difficult to fight. However, you can get the lower half of his body by collecting the appropriate items. If you have a copy of the Dissidia subseries, you can use it instead. It can also be used in the PlayStation/GBA version. But remember to use the sword with caution as you could get killed!

Using a combination of skills in combat with the Emperor is a great way to beat him. He can control Hell-spawn so it is a good idea to use your combo skills to increase your character’s health. Then, you can use the wyvern summon to get your party out of Palamecia. When they reach Castle Pandemonium, you can confront the Emperor and defeat him. Afterwards, the Emperor will fade away and you will have to start over.

F2 Emperor Help – How to Play the Emperor in F2
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