Factors to Consider Before the Bears Vs Panthers 2014 Game

This year, there are a lot of factors to consider before the Bears vs Panthers 2014 game. These are the key factors you should consider before the game.

The Bears must improve their rushing attack and defense. Carolina’s offense ranks in the top five in passing and total offense. They also have a powerful defense, led by hybrid safety-linebacker Jeremy Chinn. He ranks fifth in tackles and is among the top five for sacks. The Bears must make adjustments on the defensive side if they are unable to score on their first possession.

The series is five games to one in Chicago. They are 4-0 at home against Panthers. The Bears won 31-24 last season in Chicago thanks to Steve Smith’s return, who caught two touchdown passes as well as two interceptions. Matt Rhule, the Panthers’ coach, is 3-2 in his debut season. The Bears are 5-4 against Carolina and have won three of their last four meetings.

The Bears have been inconsistent during the first half of the season and now have a chance against a depleted Panthers team to get things back on track. After their loss to the Packers, they gave nobody a reason to believe they could beat Aaron Rodgers, so they need to get on track. Jay Cutler has thrown ten touchdown passes and thrown four interceptions. Although his 66% completion rate is impressive for the Bears it’s not surprising that he’s been plagued with injuries.

The Bears’ defense struggled to keep the Panthers from scoring touchdowns. The Bears were just too big to score against Carolina, but Cam Newton didn’t have the ball. After a fumble, Matt Forte was stripped of the ball and a Panther defensive tackle recovered the fumble. The Bears now had the ball at their 23-yard line. They were lucky that Forte couldn’t get any closer.

The Panthers have a chance of winning the game if they can keep Teddy Bridgewater in the pocket. They’ll be working to improve their pass defense, which has been terrible this season. However, their quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is improving every week, averaging 213.2 yards per game and five touchdowns in the last two games. Despite the positive numbers, the Bears’ run game isn’t working. Their average rushing yardage is just a few yards a game, and they have struggled to get the ball out.

After being outscored 31-24, the Bears’ offense is relying more on its defense. Their fourth quarter stumble cost them the game. It’s clear that the Panthers made adjustments to their defense, and the Bears’ offense failed to counter them. Larry Mayer and Bob LeGere both claim that the Bears’ special team didn’t respond well with these changes.

The Bears started the year with a disappointing 8-8 record. They lost their season opener to the Buffalo Bills but won the next two games to get back on track. The Bears fell to 3-5 after the bye week. They had given up more than 50 points in three out of five of their previous games. On top of that, the Panthers had a bye week to regroup. This is the final score for the Bears vs Panthers 2014 match.

Factors to Consider Before the Bears Vs Panthers 2014 Game
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