Fallout 4 – How to Build a Signal Interceptor Without Help

In Fallout 4: New Vegas, the sole survivor must build a Signal Interceptor so that he can steal information from the Institute’s Molecular Relay. This will require obtaining help from the Railroad, Brotherhood of Steel, and Commonwealth Minutemen factions. You can download the game from the Bethesda Softworks site. To avoid wasting resources, it is recommended to play with a friend.

The first step in building a signal interceptor is to locate an Elder Maxson. The Elder must approve the project before you can activate it, so find him in a settlement near the Boston Airport. Then, find a flat surface area for the signal interceptor, a fusion generator, and an appropriate “size” allotment at the settlement. Also, make sure you have an appropriate amount of power cables to run the device.

Next, you need to find a large flat surface. Next, you will need to purchase the components that you require. You may need to go on several scavenging trips depending on the alliance you are in. You should have the same power grid that all the components. The signal interceptor is easy to construct and you can even use the PipBoy to track all of your crafting components.

The cables used to connect the generators in your signal interceptor are very important. You can have any combination of cables between them. Remember to connect all the teleport parts to the network so that they can communicate with one another. The console is the beam emitter, the reflector platform is precisely under it, and the relay dish is at the base of the interceptor. The cables attach generators to objects A, B, and D.

Next, you’ll need to build a stabilized reflector plate. This platform can be constructed in any settlement and placed in a central area. You can use a console, relay dish, and beam emitter to construct your signal interceptor. You’ll need around 30 power to power your signal interceptor, and it takes approximately ten minutes to build it. Before you move on to the final stage, be sure to consult the Pip Boy for assistance.

Fallout 4 – How to Build a Signal Interceptor Without Help
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