Fallout New Vegas Armor – The Armored Duster

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If you’re new to Fallout New Vegas and haven’t yet purchased an armor set, here are some things you should know about this popular type of armor. Among its benefits is damage resistance, which is a great benefit for people who are constantly running into danger. Furthermore, this type of armor also looks great on almost any character. Orion Moreno, a retired soldier from the Enclave, wears this type of armor.

The heavy armor in Fallout New Vegas can be obtained from individuals living in Cottonwood Cove. However, you must first purchase the final expansion, the Lonesome Road Add-on, before using this type of armor. This way, you can buy it from individuals who are willing to sell it to you.

The armor comes with five different types of upgrades. One of them is the Enhanced Gecko-backed leather armor. This armor is more powerful than normal armor, with a DT of 15 and +10 sneak. It can also be repaired by using combat armor and Jury Rigging. You can also obtain this armor in the Sierra Madre medical clinic, where it is available on the green table.

The specialized armor is also available in a variety of styles. The armored duster is the medium armor type, and it provides Damage Threshold of six, Charisma +1, and Guns +5. The armored duster is a common item in Fallout New Vegas, and many of the characters in the game wear this armor.

Another high-end option is the Modern Gunslinger armor. It replaces the type 3 female body with a leather armor, making the game feel more realistic. This armor set is also made to look more stylish, and makes the game more immersive. It also replaces Tribal armor in the Honest Hearts DLC. It’s also worth checking out if you’re interested in a high-quality armor set in Fallout New Vegas.

A high-quality armor set is important in Fallout New Vegas. This armor will boost your chances of survival. The best armor in Fallout New Vegas will give you a DT of 26 and a +10 Energy Weapons damage. Moreover, it will increase your strength and reduce your risk of getting hit by weapons.

This armor is a rare variant and only exists in four locations. You can obtain it through two methods: either from in-game vendors or by using the Combat Armor Mark II. You can also get it from Daniel Contreras in Camp McCarran or from Knight Torres at the Hidden Valley Bunker.

Another great option for Fallout New Vegas armor is the Stealth Suit MKII. It offers defense and stealth armor. Unlike the others, it also comes with character effects that increase your speed while crouching. These attributes will be especially helpful for ninja characters.

Fallout New Vegas Armor – The Armored Duster
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