Fallout New Vegas Hunting Rifle Guide

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In Fallout: New Vegas, you will have access to a wide variety of firearms. While you can still make use of your N80 or SCAR, you will soon find that you can use a different type of hunting rifle called the N99. This gun features a gas-operated sidearm that has a number of useful stats, including damage per shot, damager per second, and critical chance multipler.

In Fallout: New Vegas, you can also use the survivalist’s rifle. This rifle has unique service options and a magazine capacity of 20 rounds. It is also used by New California Republic troopers. This weapon can be upgraded with upgrades, including a forged receiver and a better spring. You can also use the rifle to repair other high-end weapons. However, it does require you to draw your pistol first to be able to use it.

Another firearm that is useful in Fallout: New Vegas is the Boone’s scoped hunting rifle. You can acquire this weapon by glitching in the casino. It looks like a hunting rifle, and has a weathered finish. It also uses magical companion ammo that can be looted from dead bodies. Additionally, this weapon features the same reticle as the sniper rifle in Fallout 3.

Another unique weapon is the AER14 Prototype. This type of weapon is able to hit enemies with massive amounts of damage for a single shot. This weapon costs two Microfusion Cells, but is very powerful. Unlike the Laser Rifle, it is able to deal more damage per shot. However, you will need to kill mercenaries first to acquire this weapon. In Fallout: New Vegas, the AER14 is one of the best weapons to use.

Another hunting rifle in Fallout: New Vegas is the Barrett M82A1 inspired “Bozar”. This rifle lacks a 15-round burst and does not have an extended magazine tube. The name is an homage to a Woodie Guthrie guitar sticker. The weapon stock of this rifle says “Well This Machine Kills Commies.”

This hunting rifle can be modified to have higher DPS. Its lower weapon spread and higher critical bonus make it one of the best long-range guns in Fallout: New Vegas. However, it cannot be modded. The Gobi also has its own unique look. Its design and color makes it stand out among all the other hunting rifles.

Another weapon that is useful is the Gauss Rifle. This powerful energy weapon deals 120 damage per shot but requires five Microfusion Cells to use. The YCS/186 variant, on the other hand, uses four Microfusion Cells and deals 140 damage per shot. It is more accurate and durable than the standard Gauss Rifle.

A scopeless version of this rifle is available to use by the NCR Rangers. It is black in color with gold engraving and a NCR bear carved into the wood grip. It also has an engraved phrase on the barrel. It can be acquired during the Return to Sender quest and is one of the strongest weapons in the game. It is also faster firing than the base Hunting Revolver.

Fallout New Vegas Hunting Rifle Guide
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