Famous People Born in 2001

If you are looking for a list of famous people born in 2001, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have a list of the most notable celebrities, but we also have information about their measurements, Biographies, and movies. Continue reading to learn more about these remarkable people. This article will make you happy. It is hoped that it will help you determine which 2001 celebrities are most influential and talented.

List of famous people born in 2001

Many notable celebrities were born in 2001. Actors such as Megan Fox, Seth Rogen and Eddie Redmayne are just a few of the notables. In addition, there are some notable celebrities born in 2001, including Josh Peck and Francesca Capaldi. There was also one other notable person born in 2001: singer Katy Perry. Katy Perry was born on October 25, 2001. She is a music legend. She is considered an archnemesis of Taylor Swift.

Other notable people born in 2001 include actor Jim Carrey, actress Demi Moore, and former President George W. Bush. Also born in the year 2001 is former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. 2001 was also notable for many other factors, including the rise of the internet as well as the explosion in downloadable music. A lot of people were also able to get jobs after graduating from school and become famous. Many of them had amazing careers and landed important roles.

Isla Fisher and Charlie Day, Rashida Jones and Peyton Manning are just a few of the other famous 2001-born people. They both helped lead the US and drafted the UN Human Rights Declaration. Nikola Tesla, a Serbian scientist, was also responsible for the invention of the x-ray beam laser. Alexander Fleming, an English chemist, was also involved. John Logie Baird, a Scottish inventor of television, and Enrico Fermi, an Italian scientist, are also famous. The WWW was developed by Tim Berners-Lee (an English web developer). Other notables born in 2001 were Anne Frank, a Holocaust-era Jewish diarist and Carl Lewis, Emil Zatopek and John Legend.


Today, January 22, is the birthday of many well-known people. Will Smith is the most famous person born in this year. She was born on a Tuesday. Frankie Jonas, Ariarne Titmus and Ariarne Tymus are two other notable people who were born in this year. People born in this year include celebrities as well as singers and athletes such as Nelly and Ariana Grande. You can even find out the biographies of some of these people to learn more about them.

If you are wondering how to find out more about famous people born in 2001, the Internet is your best bet. Countless biographies and birthdays of famous people are available in one place. In less than a second, you can learn about their lives and careers. You can learn all about their hobbies and interests. It will be amazing to see how much they have accomplished in such a short time.


Those who were born in 2001 may find their measurements interesting. Famous personalities born in this year include Christopher Clark, the actor, and Joe Albanese. The actor was born in New York City. The number one song on the Billboard 100 that year was “How You Remind Me” by Nickelback. Girolamamamede Rada, an Albanian poet, is another notable 2001. Another famous celebrity was Michael Kelly Lawler, a singer born in Hadley, Massachusetts.


There are many famous people born in 2001. Some of the most famous people born in 2001 are Chloe Lukasiak and Isabela Moner, Ed Sheeran and Sasha Obama. Rowan Blanchard is another famous 2001-born person. He is now allowed to vote in the United States. Despite these celebrity birthdays, there are still plenty of great people born in 2001 that will be a part of your entertainment in 2019.

TV shows

TV shows featuring celebrities born in 2001 are increasingly common. Teen Mom was the first TV show to feature a celebrity who was born in 2001. Teen Mom was a huge success with both young and old. It featured many stars from the 2000s. This generation was represented by a variety of shows, from Lil’ Zane and Nina Sky. We take a look at some of these celebrities and what made them so popular.

While the aughts were marked by a lot of soapy teen dramas and sitcoms, television became progressively more serious. Some of the most successful shows of the decade were created in the 2000s. Shows like Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia continue to be popular and some have even been rebooted. Reality TV also saw a boom in the decade, with reality shows such as Survivor becoming popular culture.


The year 2001 has brought forth many notable athletes. 2001 was the year that many of the most prominent sports personalities of this decade were born. Rowan Blanchard is one such example. She is legally allowed to vote in the forthcoming elections. Other athletes born in this year include Corey Seager, David Beckham, and Dan Bazuin. Wikipedia has a list of 2001 sports celebrities. These athletes include:

Famous People Born in 2001
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