Farmacia UNC – Educating Tomorrow’s Pharmacy Leaders

Farmacia UNC is a university with a longstanding commitment to educating tomorrow’s pharmacy leaders. The school offers a double-titling Doctor En Farmacia degree and a PharmD. The former program aims to develop graduates with complete pharmaceutical knowledge, excellent interpersonal skills, and a moral sense. The latter emphasizes problem-solving skills and a commitment to community and patients. The PharmD/MBA program focuses on the development of professional and social commitments.

The faculty of farmaceutics is dedicated to sharing knowledge on all aspects of pharmacy practice. Graduates can work in hospitals, community pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry, or laboratories for quality control or esterification. They can also find jobs in quality assurance and management organizations. They can even work as pharmaceutical consultants. A farmaceutics degree will allow you to become a pharmacist or advance your career. The possibilities are endless.

UNC students can apply for PAP. This is UNC’s pharmacy assistance program. Check the restrictions and list of approved drugs to see if you are eligible for PAP. Remember that you can’t qualify for PAP if you’re buying products without a prescription. PAP is only available for certain cancer medications and diabetes medications that require a prescription from a doctor. If you want to apply for PAP, make sure you visit a UNC-affiliated physician.

Rio Negro residents will be provided health care by the university, which is partnering with the local government. The partnership will be in place by 2022. It will be staffed by students from the Mafra campus of the University. The students will operate the clinic under the supervision of docentes from the UNC school. The students and staff will also be trained to administer emergency medications in a low-income community. The collaboration will enhance health care in Rio Negro.

Farmacia UNC – Educating Tomorrow’s Pharmacy Leaders
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