Fast Facts: The 1989 Chicago Cubs

The 1989 Chicago Cubs were a team made up of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers. Two Cubs’ starting pitchers, Mitch Williams (left) and Greg Maddux (right), had a combined 2.95 ERA. They also included a couple of young players, including catcher Damon Berryhill and shortstop Shawon Dunston. The 1989 Cubs were a team to remember for years to come.

The 1989 Cubs began the game with a strong start, led by a solid performance from Jeff Robinson. Bielecki, Robinson combined for two scoreless innings in the sixth. Then, in the ninth, the Cubs broke through. Mark Grace singled and drove in two runs. Dwight Smith followed up with a double. Then, Mark Grace hit a two-run single. The Cubs took the lead for good.

The team’s 1989 roster features every player who played at least one game during the season. Names are listed by fielding position and linked to career statistics. Fast Facts may include the Opening Day lineup, as well as the salary and uniform number breakdown. This team has a lot of admirable qualities, regardless of whether they achieve their goal or not. The 1989 Chicago Cubs made history at Progressive Field. They ended a 108-year World Series drought.

The 1989 Chicago Cubs ended their season with a win over the Pirates on September 24. It was their fourth consecutive victory and their 11th win after a 9-game win against the Cardinals. The Cubs now have a four-game advantage over the Cardinals. They must win three more games to win the division. The team did win their final three games to secure their division. They finished the season with a record of 73-21.

The 1989 Cubs were led by three young pitchers. They had great success in the field and on the mound. A 24-year-old closer, Mitch Williams, struck out the side in the ninth, while another rookie, Greg Maddux, won 19 games with a 2.95 ERA and logged 238 innings. The pitching staff also boasted some talented young players, including catcher Damon Berryhill, and right-handed pitcher Floyd Youmans.

The 1989 Cubs had a record of 78-83, but their depth was not great. Although Dunston, Sandberg, and Dawson made the All-Star game, the team’s pitching staff lacked depth. While they were still a good team, the 1989 Cubs didn’t have a strong bullpen or starting pitching. Thankfully, Jim Frey stepped in and traded the future Hall of Famer Rafael Palmeiro for the superstars Paul Kilgus and Mitt Williams.

The 1989 Cubs won their division but lost to the Giants at the NLCS. The Cubs had a top batting average of.323, and manager Joe Girardi made $2.76 million in 1989. The Cubs defeated the Reds in a 12-inning marathon in mid-August. Andre Dawson’s game-winning home run boosted Dawson’s RBI total by 46.

Fast Facts: The 1989 Chicago Cubs
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