Father Figure Net Worth 2021

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Andrew Bentley’s net worth is unknown as of July 2019. The founder of Father Figure, Andrew, is a Project Leader at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Performance Lab. He asked for $80,000 to buy 15% of the company in a Shark Tank pitch. Unfortunately, he did not receive a deal and now he’s working as a Project Leader there instead. Andrew’s net worth will likely remain unknown despite the fact that he did not receive a deal.

Andrew’s business is a lifestyle brand that caters to new dads. Andrew, the father-to be, was inspired to start the company after seeing that many companies didn’t mention dads in their advertisements. In fact, he was a new father himself, taking time off from work to take care of his newborn son. He quickly realized that there wasn’t enough love in the world for fathers from companies catering to new parents.

Father Figure Net Worth 2021
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