Feathering Synonyms

feathering synonyms 46645

Feathering is a common English word, also known as khshty-chlty waqt chpw. In Urdu, the word is kashti chalatay waqt chappu ko ghumana. This word is driven by English language so the meanings are given below in both English as well as Urdu. You can use an English to Urdu dictionary to learn the meaning of Feathering and other words that may be used in a similar situation.

The Greek feder, which literally means “wings”, is the source of feather. It is a short form of Gmc. fethro. It is also derived form PIE *ptera, which has a base from “pet-” & Gmc. *ptera-“. In horse racing, feather-weights were first used in 1812.

You can also look up synonyms to find out the meaning of feather. Here are 76 synonyms for feather, antonyms, and idiomatic expressions:

Feathering Synonyms
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