Felix Haas fortune

Felix Haas is a German entrepreneur and investor based in Munich. He is best known for founding Amiando and IDnow. He is also co-organizer and host of Bits & Bretzels, the largest German start-up event. How rich is Felix Haas?

Businessman. Born in Munich, Germany. Felix Haas fortune is estimated at around 15 million euros. Haas founded his first company, TiberiumSun Networks, in 1997 while he was still in school. After completing his education and spending two years in Silicon Valley, he co-founded Amiando in 2006. The company was acquired by XING in 2010 and Haas co-founded IDnow in 2013. He is an active business angel investor. He has invested in over 50 internet startups in Germany and sits on the board of several companies.

Bourgeois name: Felix Haas
Felix Haas size: 1.83 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1997

What is the net worth of Felix Haas?
Felix Haas’ assets are currently € 15 million.

Training: Technical University of Munich
Established organization: XING Events
Is also often searched for: Andreas Bruckschlögl, Marc P. Bernegger, Dennis von Ferenczy, Bernd Storm van’s Gravesande.

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Felix Haas fortune

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