Financial Analyst Salary in New York

New York’s average annual salary for a financial analyst is $82,800. This is a salary that is well above the median income for the city. This salary is determined by education, experience, and location. You can increase your earnings as a young financial analyst by pursuing higher education and obtaining professional certifications.

The job description of a financial analyst includes the analysis and interpretation of financial data. They may use quantitative analysis to forecast a security’s future performance, and make recommendations to clients. They often work in banks or other financial institutions. They can also be self-employed. An experienced analyst will earn about $90,000. A financial analyst salary in New York is approximately $90,000.

Financial analysts need to be proficient in spreadsheets, relational databases and statistical packages. They are also required to prepare detailed financial reports and presentations for senior management. They must also ensure that all documents they create comply with government regulations. This position also requires travel to companies and conferences to conduct research and analysis.

A financial analyst salary in New York ranges from $40,000 to $165,000 per year, with the middle 57% of Financial Analysts earning between $86,000 and $110,760. The top eight percent earn over $165,000 a year. This means that an individual Financial Analyst would pay an average of 24% federal taxes and 6.57% New York state tax. New York’s financial analyst salary is expected to rise by 10.8% between 2016-2026.

As a financial analyst, you need to have strong interpersonal skills, an analytical approach, and strong problem-solving skills. You should also be a good communicator with a high level of tact. Your work experience and skills will determine your salary. Consider getting your MBA if you are interested in a career as a financial analyst.

An MBA is not necessary to work as a financial analyst. However, it can help you get a job. A bachelor’s degree should be in economics, finance or accounting. To help you get in the door, you should consider getting an industry certification.

Financial analysts need to be able to make sound decisions. They are responsible for analyzing financial data and making recommendations based on those results. They must be able convert their findings into useful advice for the business. They must also be able prepare financial models. Financial analysts earn good salaries. This is a competitive job, so it is important to be prepared.

Financial Analyst Salary in New York
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