First Date Conversation Ideas to Save You from Awkwardness

First Date

Everyone had at least one first date during which awkward silence was the third wheel. When you still don’t know the other person well, it can be not to come up with conversation topics. Especially if you like that person and you want to leave a good first impression. You don’t want to talk about anything negative or make the whole date job-related. There are some general topics you can cover to make awkwardness leave the room. We’ll mention them below. But there is a trick to become immune to awkwardness on the first date. Let’s talk about that first.

Start by Trying to Make a Connection (on Dating Chats)

Awkwardness on the first date occurs because you and your (potential) partner still don’t know each other. Even if you’ve met through friends, it isn’t easy to know other people’s interests, hobbies, or topics you should avoid on the first date. However, thanks to technology, it’s possible to connect first and go on a date after.

Online dating sites or local chat rooms for singles are an amazing tool for finding like-minded people. Chatting online saves time. You aren’t in some restaurant waiting for dinner when you realize the two of you have nothing in common. You’re home, and you can stop the communication at any point. Also, if you feel the connection, you can continue adding oil to the fire until you’re ready to meet in person. That will make sure awkwardness sits alone in the corner somewhere while you’re talking about the topics we’ll list now.

Discuss Your Favorite Movies

People love movies, even people who don’t have a favorite movie. That happens a lot of doors through which awkwardness can leave and let you have a good time. Talk about the plot of your favorite movie, mention your favorite scene, but don’t talk forever. The key to making a connection is listening to your partner. You can’t listen while you’re talking.

Ask your date what her/his favorite movie is. Ask follow-up questions, show you’re interested. Your date will love you’re mature enough to have a two-way conversation, and you’ll make a connection much sooner than you would if one of you speaks all the time.

Talk about Your Hobbies – Music, Food, Travel

Speaking about two-way communication, nothing beats food when it comes to keeping the conversation alive. That’s the most common topic of small talks after the weather. Of course, holding onto one topic for too long isn’t recommended because you might bore your date (unless you feel that’s the topic both of you want).

Keep the conversation going by talking about traveling, music, or any of your hobbies. You’ll notice when a topic falls on the fertile soil because your date will react by asking questions or sharing her/his opinion.

Chat About Your Ambitions

People are attracted to ambition because ambitious singles are more likely to succeed in life than someone who doesn’t strive for anything. Don’t be shy when it comes to your ambitions. Crack that topic on the first date. If your date shares your ambitions, you’ll click immediately. Even if your partner doesn’t care about the things your ambitions are related to, she/he will be amazed by your energy. Nothing is sexier than someone who speaks about the future with passion.

Choose Local Chats to Meet Later in Real Life

Chatting online is always there as the safe route to an awkward-free first date. If you aren’t very good on first dates, making a connection online is a smart thing to do. Even if you mess things up a little bit when you meet in person, your date will remember how much fun you’re having in chat. Not only that, but you’ll also know some topics both of you like, so there’ll be no room for awkwardness on your first date.

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First Date Conversation Ideas to Save You from Awkwardness

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