First general uncertainty (EAV) assets

The EAV was an Austrian band that was founded in 1977 and split up in 2019. How rich is EAV?

Pop rock band. EAV was founded in Austria. EAV assets is estimated at around 8 million euros. Nino Holm first founded a band called Anti-Pasta, which was unsuccessful and broke up after three years. Holm then decided, together with his friend Thomas Spitzer, to start a new band. While they were still undecided about a name, they saw a branch of the Erste Allgemeine Versicherung, abbreviated EAV, at a bus stop, and so they came up with the name “Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung-EAV”.

Members: Klaus Eberhartinger, Thomas Spitzer, Eik Breit, Gert Steinbäcker, Nino Holm.
Nationality: Austrian
His career began: 1977-2019

What is EAV’s net worth?
EAV’s assets are currently at € 8 million.

Record label: EMI Austria, Sony BMG Ariola.
Music genres: Pop, pop-rap, Austropop.
Debut album: 1. General uncertainty (1978).
Is also often searched for: Wolfgang Ambros, Falco, Opus, Georg Danzer.

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First general uncertainty (EAV) assets

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