Flavio Becca Net Worth

Flavio Becca Net Worth

Flavio Becca is a Luxembourg real estate investor and owner of F1 Dudelange, a Luxembourg professional football club. Becca has been described as a real estate mogul by the Guardian newspaper. How rich is Flavio Becca?

Investor. Born on June 18, 1962 in Luxembourg. Flavio Becca net worth is estimated at around 1 billion euros. He is the son of Italian immigrants, grew up in Hesperingen and lives in Luxembourg. In the 1990s he started sponsoring the Luxembourg football club F91 Dudelange. During Becca’s tenure, Dudelange won the Luxembourg championship. In 2011 Becca founded the professional cycling team Leopard Trek with his company Leopard SA. In 2019 Becca started talks with 1. FC Kaiserslautern because he wanted to invest in the German football club.

Bourgeois name: Flavio Becca
Flavio Becca size: 1.75 m
Nationality: Luxembourgish
His career began: 1996

What is the net worth of Flavio Becca?

Flavio Becca’s assets are currently € 1 billion.

Flavio Becca was involved in several criminal investigations and was the subject of a search warrant in December 2019. His real estate transactions were investigated by the Luxembourg public prosecutor.
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More About Flavio Becca

Flavio Becca is a Luxembourg real estate investor who is the owner of the F1 Dudelange football club. Born on June 18, 1962, he grew up in the town of Hesperingen and currently resides in Luxembourg. His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. He is an accomplished singer and actor who has a wide range of interests. In addition to his business activities, Becca has a keen interest in cycling, real estate, and watches.

In November 2011, he was arrested and charged with money laundering. Fortunately, he was acquitted of all charges and is now enjoying his life. In December 2011, a search warrant was served on Becca’s offices and home in Luxembourg. Authorities suspected him of tax evasion and property withholding, but his business partners have distanced themselves from him. However, his net worth has been a matter of great interest to many.

In 2011, Becca made headlines when he reportedly invested in a professional cycling team. He was photographed with multiple cycling medals around his neck. He promised to pay 15 million euros over four years to the team, but his investment failed to attract a corporate sponsor. The team collapsed before Becca’s eyes. His money-making schemes were a failure, and his reputation was severely tarnished.

In 2011, the Luxembourg-based entrepreneur was involved in a money-laundering scandal. A Belgian newspaper reported that Becca’s home was the target of a search warrant. In the same month, Becca’s offices and home were raided by police. In 2011 the public prosecutor of Luxembourg investigated his real estate dealings. A subsequent investigation concluded that Becca had hidden millions of euros.

In addition to his investments in Anonimo, Flavio Becca’s personal life has been plagued by scandals. In December 2019, a search warrant was issued for Becca’s home in Luxembourg after media reports that he had been involved in money laundering in the luxury watch scandal. In 2011, a police raid on Becca’s property in Luxembourg was reported in the newspaper Sud Info. Several other Luxembourg real estate owners and executives are being investigated, including Becca.

In December 2019, Becca was found guilty of fraud and was sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of EUR250,000. The entrepreneur was also convicted of money laundering in the luxury watch scandal, but the court ruled that his conviction was a “one-time offence”. Nonetheless, his conviction was an unintended consequence of his investment in the luxury watch industry. Despite being jailed, the scandal has impacted his net worth.

The Luxembourg real estate entrepreneur Flavio Becca net worth is estimated to be around EUR 1 billion. He owns the F1 Dudelange football team and has been linked to several major scandals. In 2011, the Luxembourg public prosecutor also conducted an investigation into Becca. In addition, Becca’s investment in Anonimo was discovered after a police raid. These cases have led to the dissolution of his company, which he then sold.

A recent search warrant against Becca is another reason for his high net worth. The Luxembourg entrepreneur has been convicted of tax evasion and a fraud case involving luxury watches. In 2011, the Luxembourg public prosecutor ordered the sale of six43 Promobe Finance watches to Flavio Becca’s lawyer. In addition to the fine, the court also imposed a €250,000 fine. After Becca was sentenced, his assets were frozen.

The Luxembourg businessman has a low net worth compared to other wealthy European entrepreneurs. He is known for his involvement in the construction and manufacturing of luxury watches. His investments in various sectors include banking, construction, and real estate. In early 2011, Becca invested in a professional cycling team. He was pictured with a collection of cycling medals on his neck. In return for the investments, he promised 15 million euros over four years. The venture failed to attract a corporate sponsor and disintegrated before his eyes.

Becca’s net worth is estimated to be about $4 million. He has many properties in Southern Germany, including a hunting ground. His business activities are considered to be quite successful and his guests include some of Germany’s top politicians and business leaders. Aside from his land holdings, Becca has a number of other investments. He owns several companies. In fact, he is the CEO of a number of them.

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Flavio Becca Net Worth

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