Flex Disc Thumb Trick – How to Perform This Trick in the Shower

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If you have ever wished that you could feel your discs, you can do so by using the flex disc thumb trick. This will allow you to flex your discs in the correct position. It is a great way to avoid the painful effects of disc pain. The good thing about this trick is that you can do it in the shower as well. This trick is easy to do. Try it out yourself!

First, place your hands on the rims of your menstrual disks. Next, take a seat on a toilet chair. Make sure that you sit in a position that will make you squat and reach the disc. A thicker rim is a sign of a menstrual disk. This is part of the process of removing the menstrual disc. Hook your finger onto the rim of the menstrual disc. Once you do, you can dump the blood into the toilet.

Secondly, take your FLEX disc and hold it vertically. It might look big, but it isn’t, and it’s actually smaller than a tampon when you squeeze it. This trick works by pinching the disc and pushing it back as far possible. This will allow it to reach the vaginalfornix. Finally, place the other edge of your disc behind the pubic bone.

Lastly, you should be aware that the rim looks intimidating when placed in your hand, but this is only part of the secret. The disc is designed to fit your body perfectly thanks to the ComfortSeal(tm) technology. ComfortSeal(tm), a patented technology, allows the disc to mold to your body and provide extreme security and comfort. This may not be the best option for everyone, but it works for most people.

Flex Disc Thumb Trick – How to Perform This Trick in the Shower
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