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Flora Olive Oil – A Healthful Blend of Monounsaturated Fat, Antioxidants and Essential Fatty Acids

Olive oil has long been an integral component of Mediterranean diets and has been consumed since 2500 BCE. Olive oil boasts an array of monounsaturated fats, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which all promote good health.

John Flora of Parkland brings back new ideas from Italy like Taralli – an olive-oil-based wheat biscuit with crunchy layers – as an integral component of Flora Fine Foods in Coral Springs.

Early Life and Education

Cultivated plants such as sunflower are grown for shade, hedges, wind- and snowbreaks, soil stabilization, livestock feed, wildlife habitat creation and landscaping purposes – with additional uses including horticultural and medicinal purposes.

Russian olive is found throughout the Great Basin on various site types from wet to damp areas of sagebrush deserts [127], often forming stringer communities along riverbank oxbows and potholes of rivers.

Russian-olive is found across New Mexico riparian community types including plains cottonwood/Eastern redcedar woodlands with riverbank grape, Wood’s rose, desert false indigo, Kentucky bluegrass and poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans). However, it’s rare south of Albuquerque; generally occurring instead in communities dominated by Rio Grande cottonwood with Goodding willow and tamarisk as their dominant species.

It has a low tolerance to drought, with growth being greatly enhanced when groundwater is present. To adapt to arid conditions, they have developed thick cuticles and sunken stomata allowing their roots to absorb moisture efficiently.

Achievement and Honors

Flora’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crafted from Istrian bjelica, frantojo and leccino olives and offers a fruity bouquet of olives and almonds, balanced by moderate bitterness and balanced spiceiness. Rich in essential fatty acids – omega-6 and omega-9.

Flora stays up-to-date on current olive production trends by drawing inspiration from her home country of Italy. Flora loves Taralli biscuits – crunchy olive-oily wheat biscuits made by Flora are now an integral part of Parkland company.

Laperrine’s olive is native to the Saharan Mountains and could provide valuable genetic resources for improving water stress tolerance in cultivated olives. Unfortunately, its survival is threatened by limited natural regeneration and human pressures; population genetic analyses using nuclear and plastid microsatellites demonstrate how differing patterns of gene flow may have impacted its survival on different massifs.

Personal Life

Olives are an integral component of Italian meals. From appetizers and side dishes, to antipasto spreads and filling them up for sandwiches and snacks – olives come in all forms, shapes and flavors! Cures may include brine curing (common in industrial settings), water curing, sun drying or air drying; even lye curing has been known to alter flavor profiles significantly! Plus olive oil provides essential healthy fats that your body requires!

Flora Olive
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