Forbes Colombia – Colombia’s First Billionaire

Forbes has been part of the business community for 102 years. It has been publishing articles about business, food, and wine for its readers. It organizes events like Mujeres Entrepreneurs and Foro Forbes. Forbes Colombia is led by Marco Landucci and Mariano Menendez, with editors Jonathan Torres, Uriel Naum, and Alejandro Angeles. The magazine is a trusted source of information about Colombian culture and business.

Forbes Colombia claims Beatriz Davila, of Santo Domingo, is Colombia’s first billionaire. This title she shares with her husband. Two other billionaires are part of the Santo Domingo family: her husband Julio Mario Santo Domingo who holds a small share in world beer giant Anheuser–Busch InBev and his son Carlos. Combined, the four billionaires own Valorem, a renewable energy company based in Puerto Carreno, Vichada, on the banks of the Meta and the Orinoco rivers.

The OECD report on the Colombian economy highlights the country’s strong economic performance and recent reforms, which have generated investor confidence. Forbes magazine has rated Colombia as a free trade country. The magazine argues that Colombia’s investment environment is better than other South American countries and should not be missed by U.S. companies. Bloomberg Market magazine ranked Colombia eleventh in the world, and third in Latin America. Both rankings are based on ease of doing business, economic freedom, and perceived corruption.

Forbes Colombia – Colombia’s First Billionaire
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