Forever Young Daycare

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Forever Young Daycare offers educational and fun activities for children. Its mission is to encourage the growth and development of your child through hands-on education, fun and love. Forever Young offers a wide variety of stimulating activities and games for children. They also receive loving attention and are encouraged to explore their surroundings. Whether your child is two or six, they will thrive in a fun, safe environment. Forever Young is a wonderful place to send your child for early childhood education.

After the incident, the mother of the infant, who worked at Forever Young, removed her child from the room. The mother called the police and the child was taken to a local hospital. Surveillance video allegedly shows Fruit causing the injury to another baby 30 minutes before the incident was reported. This other child did not need to undergo medical treatment. Both mothers were devastated and several investigations have been launched into the incident.

Forever Young Daycare
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