Freddie Freeman Signs a New Six-Year, $162 Million Contract With the Los Angeles Angels

While Freddie Freeman’s contract is shorter than precedents for such contracts, it is also larger than those. The new contract includes deferred payments worth $57 million, a $5 million signing bonus, and a $1 million signing bonus. In the end, the Dodgers have arguably the best infield in baseball. The contract is expected to bring in more than $27 million in AAV over the next six years.

Freddie Freeman’s contract is shorter than those precedents

Comparing Freddie Freeman’s contract to his previous one-year contracts, it is striking how much smaller the contracts of both players are. However, Freeman’s track record and privileges outside the strike zone make up for it. He makes contact on pitches inside and outside the strike zone while posting high exit velocity and hard contact rates. In addition, Freeman’s speed has a better impact against right-handed pitching than left-handed pitchers.

While there’s little certainty as to what Freeman’s future holds, there are still signs of optimism and a sense of hope. Freeman could be resigned to a shorter contract even though the Yankees and Braves are no longer in the market. The Dodgers have reportedly made an offer that is less than two-thirds of Freeman’s former contract. That could mean another two or three-year payday for the outfielder.

While Freeman’s contract is significantly shorter than those precedents, it’s not far from the highest-paid contract in the history of baseball. Atlanta proposed a five-year plan of $135 million. But they rejected it when they added the $140MM guarantee to the sixth-year schedule. Braves Brass, however, feared that Freeman wouldn’t be around to complete the 37-year campaign.

It’s unclear if Freeman’s contract is significantly shorter than those precedents, but the Dodgers and Freeman have reached an agreement on a six-year, $162MM deal. The Dodgers’ 2022 CBT tab would be $277MM higher than the $155MM ceiling. The Dodgers will also be subject to increasing tax fees as they are a second payer. Spending between $200MM and $250MM would trigger 30% of taxation, and any overage beyond $250MM would incur a 42% rate. Anything over that threshold would be taxed at a 90 percent rate.

It includes $57 million in deferred payments

The Dodgers have decided to defer $57million in Freeman’s salary. This would mean that he won’t be paid until 2028-2040. This amount is approximately equivalent to $148-140 millions in the present. The deferrals would not be deductible for competition tax purposes, which would be a big concern if Freeman was able to land a better deal with the Yankees or Rays.

According to a Major League Baseball Players Association Report, Freeman’s new six year contract will include $57 Million in deferred payments. These payments are interest-free and will be paid from 2028 to 2040. This will change the effective value of the contract. It will still have a value of $148.195,494.

According to the report, Freeman’s new deal will pay him about $27 million per year in the first three seasons, with the remaining $7 million deferred. Freeman will receive $57million over six years. The money will come to him in four installments of $4,000,000 each July 1, 2028-2035. Freeman should never have reached free agency and should end his career with the Braves.

While Freeman is only four years older than Olson, the extension only runs through the age of 35. To be an elite player, Freeman must continue to hit at a high level throughout his career. Freeman is a solid defensive baseman but it is unlikely that he will be a perennial Gold Glove winner by his 30s. It is crucial to carefully analyze the contract and make the right decision.

It includes a $5 million signing bonus

The Los Angeles Angels have signed a six-year, $162million contract for the free agent outfielder. The signing bonus is $5 million. Freeman is a great bat and will bolster the Angels’ already talented lineup. Los Angeles was tied for third in wRC+ with the Astros, Giants last season. However, the Angels lost Corey Seager due to free agency. Dave Roberts will have Freeman fill in for the middle of his lineup.

A recent ESPN report revealed that the Dodgers have “sincere interest” in Freddie Freeman. The Yankees, Braves and Dodgers all expressed interest in the outfielder. Jorge Soler and Freddie Freeman will also be able draw lots of interest in free agency. Soler’s interest has already reached the half-dozen mark. This number will rise significantly if MLB implements a universal DH within the NL.

Freeman’s contract also includes the interesting fact that he will make $27 million per year for six seasons. The first three years of his deal will be deferred to 2028. Freeman will be paid $12 million in deferred compensation for the last three seasons. This makes the contract worth $57 million in total. The money will be paid in four-million dollar installments each July 1, 2028-35.

Freeman was a long-term Atlanta Brave. Freeman’s first trip on the open market was delayed by five years after a contract extension in February 2014. It guaranteed $135MM. Freeman demanded a sixth year, and he was not satisfied. The initial offer from the Braves included a $5 million signing bonus. So, the Atlanta Braves made a qualifying offer that delayed Freeman’s first trip to the open market by five years.

It includes a $1 million signing bonus

The new CEO at Tableau Software has received a $1 million signing bonus, as well as several other key compensatory perks. The bonus is equal to 100% of his base salary, prorated over the next four years. The bonus is likely to be more than enough to pay him for his work. However, it is also likely to be irresponsible cash-burning. While it is unclear if Selipsky has met his personal goals, he should be aware of the pitfalls of signing up for such a package.

Freddie Freeman Signs a New Six-Year, $162 Million Contract With the Los Angeles Angels
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