Fredric March Net Worth

Fredric March’s networth is something you should be interested in if you love classic movies. The actor, who is now 78, has amassed a remarkable net worth. His income primarily comes from acting. He was born in Racine in Wisconsin in 1927 and spent his childhood there. He has been nominated to a number of awards including an Academy Award as Best Actor for his role on The Royal Family of Broadway, a 1930 movie.

The actor began his career as a bank teller in Chicago, but a health issue caused him to take a break from his career. In 1924, he was near death from an appendix infection, but soon decided to pursue his acting career. After a period of rehabilitation, Fredric March moved to New York City, where he landed some extra work in films. After a few years, he became an actor and received an Oscar nomination for his role in the 1930 film Seven Days in May.

After a brief stint on Broadway, March made a return to the big screen with Thornton Wilder’s The Royal Family. This performance earned March a contract with Paramount Pictures for five years. March’s performance in The Royal Family of Broadway earned him his first Academy Award nomination. He was also awarded the Oscar for Best Performance. His most prominent role in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde was however his first. His acclaimed career has helped to increase the actor’s net worth.

March was a dramatic William Jennings Bryan in Inherit the Wind (1960). March’s character fought against Tracy’s Clarence Darrow-inspired character. His film career continued with the political thriller Seven Days in May (1964), for which he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. This role won March another Tony Award. He was also a star in several stage plays, including The Crucible (1958), and The Devil’s Redeemer (61).

Fredric March’s net worth is estimated at $1 million to $12 million. He was born in Racine (Wisconsin). His height was 1.78 m and weight was 75 KG. As of 2010, his net worth has increased from his acting career to his other media projects. In 2016, his net worth grew by almost five-fold, from $1 million to $12 million. It’s not clear what he’ll accomplish with his net worth.

During his time at the University of Wisconsin, March developed an interest in acting. Initially, he accepted small roles in movies and plays, but soon landed his first big role on Broadway in The Devil in the Cheese. He met Florence Eldridge while working for a stock company. Later, they married and became a prominent theatrical couple. Then, March went to war in World War II. The war interrupted his career and the couple moved to California, where he would reside for the rest of his life.

Fredric March Net Worth
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