French Bulldog Doodle Puppies

Your Frenchie Doodle needs two to three meals a day, but you should feed them more frequently if you want to prevent joint problems in the elderly. Fortunately, your dog is low-maintenance, so you can give him or her a high-quality, grain-free diet. In addition to feeding your Poodle two to three times a day, you should also keep an eye on your dog’s weight, as too much can cause joint problems. To prevent this problem, be sure to feed your Frenchie a low-fat diet at least two to three times a day.

A French Bulldog Poodle mix is an excellent choice for a family with children, as they are both intelligent and playful. The active nature of the Poodle is evident in the Frenchie’s nature, as he enjoys participating in activities with his family and spending time on your lap. Frenchies do require moderate exercise, and they are also good with children. For this reason, it is best to socialize your new pet as early as possible.

A Frenchie Boodle has a soft, low-shedding coat. Their fur coat is often medium to long, depending on their parent breeds. If they were bred with long-haired French Bulldogs, they might have a very thick, luxurious coat. However, French Boodles with wrinkly coats may need extra care. Regular brushing and combing will keep your Frenchie’s coat healthy and wrinkle-free. Make sure to check the ears for trapped moisture, too, and clean them out with canine ear cleaner.

The coat of a French Bulldog doodle is generally short and shiny, and can be either solid or bi-colored. The French Bulldog parent sheds slightly, but most pups are bi-colored. Despite their high-quality coats, French Bulldog doodles are hypoallergenic. These are the two most popular doodle dog breeds. You can find them in many places, from dog shelters to rescue organizations.

When buying a Frenchie Boodle puppy, consider the cost. These dogs can range anywhere from $525 to $2,240. If you choose a reputable breeder, expect to pay at least $1000 or more for your Frenchie Boodle puppy. However, keep in mind that this price can increase in the future. In the meantime, it’s worth it to consider the benefits and drawbacks of owning a Frenchie Boodle.

French Boodles are relatively small dogs, usually standing about twelve to fifteen inches at the shoulders. Their appearance is highly dependent on which parent is larger. A French Bulldog pup will have a long muzzle like its Poodle parent or a snub-nose like the Frenchie. Some French Boodles have droopy ears. French Boodles have compact muscled bodies and a short, medium-length tail.

French Bulldog Doodle Puppies
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