Frieder Burda fortune

Frieder Burda was a German art collector and an honorary citizen of Baden-Baden. How rich is Frieder Burda?

Art collector. Born on April 29, 1936 in Gengenbach, Germany. Frieder Burda fortune is estimated at around 200 million euros. After graduating from school in Offenburg, Triberg and Switzerland, he completed an apprenticeship in printing and publishing. Burda was trained in his father’s business group. He later lived in France and became a magazine publisher. He spent several years in England and the United States before becoming a printer in Darmstadt. He developed his company into one of the leading commercial die casting foundries in Europe.

Bourgeois name: Frieder Burda
Spouse: Elke Burda
Siblings: Hubert Burda, Franz Burda
Frieder Burda size: 1.73 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1960

What is the net worth of Frieder Burda?
Frieder Burda’s assets are currently € 200 million.

He died on July 14, 2019 at the age of 83 in Baden-Baden.
Is also often searched for: Franz Burda, Aenne Burda, Maria Furtwängler, Christa Maar.

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Frieder Burda fortune

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