Fritz Ingram, Founder of Ingram Industries

Frederic Bigelow Ingram, an American-born Irish heir, is the founder of many companies. He is a graduate of Princeton University and Parmer School and a former chairman of Vanderbilt University. Ingram was married twice, to Barbara Finley Dobbins and Ingrid Groude. His most recent marriage ended in divorce. Ingram died in December 2002.

Ingram, a member the Ingram family was both a businessman as well as a philanthropist. His business empire includes the railroad industry and the oil pipeline industry. Ingram served as the company’s Chairman. Ingram was convicted in Chicago of bribery, corruption and was pardoned in 1981 by President Jimmy Carter. In exchange for his pardon, Ingram renounced his U.S. citizenship and settled in Monaco.

Bronson Ingram, the elder brother of Fritz Ingram, died in June of last year, five days after his guilty verdict. Bronson Ingram and Fritz Ingram split their holdings and Fritz lost $100 million in six weeks in 1983. Fritz Ingram is still waiting for his $6 million judgment. A judge ruled that Ingram acted illegally when he bribed former Commerce Union Bank chairman Bill Earthman to transport sewage 160 miles south of Chicago.

Ingram Industries’ successor has a very unique position within the company. Bronson Ingram selected Phil Pfeffer, who was just leaving the company and has since been the president of Random House Inc. Pfeffer assumed the role of Ingram Industries’ CEO upon Ingram’s passing. This carefully planned succession plan collapsed within a matter of months. This was the root of many scandals within the company.

Ingram Industries bought stock in Micro D Corp., which was a California publicly traded company, in 1985. Lacy had already taken control of Micro D Corp. and called off a merger. Ingram owned 59 percent of Micro D in 1985. Ingram spent years negotiating the sale of the remaining 41 percent. It is not clear why Ingram sold his stock shares to Lacy. Ingram did not disclose the reasons for his exit.

Ingram has a long tradition of giving back to the community. She spearheaded the construction of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. Ingram was instrumental in the revitalization of the Nashville Symphony in the late 1980s. She uses her connections and political alliances to advance her personal goals. She was also a key player in the emergence of the Nashville Performing Arts Center. Ingram’s legacy lives on. This woman is an extraordinary person with a unique perspective on the world.

Fritz Ingram, Founder of Ingram Industries
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