Fun Facts About Sussex Central Sports

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There is plenty of local culture associated with Sussex Central sports. From Bruce Springsteen to basketball players, Sussex Central has it all. The football team won its fifth state championship. Softball players like John Wells have won three titles, losing only once in the finals. Here are some fun facts about Sussex Central athletics. Also, don’t forget to check out the Sussex Central sports page on the school’s website.

Cricket: Developed in Sussex, cricket played an important role in developing the sport. In general, cricket was invented in Sussex. The first mention of it was in 1611. The first reference to women playing cricket is also found in Sussex, with a recorded match between a Sussex women’s team and a London men’s team in 1747. Stoolball is a long tradition in Sussex. This ancient sport is very popular in Sussex and is often associated to the Duchess Of Norfolk.

Fun Facts About Sussex Central Sports
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