Purr-fect Party Plans: Ultimate Gabby’s Dollhouse Party Ideas

Purr-fect Party Plans Ultimate Gabby's Dollhouse Party Ideas

Welcome to the whimsical world of Gabby’s Dollhouse, where every day is an adventure filled with magic, songs, and a charming dose of feline fun! This hit children’s show has captured the hearts of kids worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. With its colorful characters and imaginative play, “Gabby’s Dollhouse” isn’t just a show; it’s a gateway to creativity and joy for little ones.

Now, imagine bringing that same enchantment to your child’s birthday with a Gabby’s Dollhouse-themed party! Picture the sparkle in their eyes as they step into a world they’ve only seen on screen, surrounded by friends dressed as their favorite characters, and engaging in games that bring the show’s magic to life.

Section 1: Invitations and Decorations


  1. Choose Your Template: Start by selecting a colorful Gabby’s Dollhouse-themed invitation template.Websites like Pinterest have plenty available, or you can get creative and design your own!
  2. Personalize with Photos: If you’re crafty, Photoshop your child’s picture into the Dollhouse alongside Gabby and her pals for that personalized touch.
  3. Add Sparkle: Use glitter pens to add some sparkle to your invitations – because no Gabby’s Dollhouse party is complete without a little glitter!
  4. Include a Cat’s Tail: To make the invitation truly stand out, attach a little faux cat’s tail or a sticker sheet of Gabby’s Dollhouse characters.
  5. Send with Love: Place the invitation in a colorful envelope and seal it with a ‘paw print’ for that final thematic touch.


  • Cat Ears and Tails for Chairs: Adorn each chair with a plush cat tail and a set of cat ears on the backrest, transforming the seating into a row of kitty companions.
  • Printable Gabby’s Dollhouse Characters: Decorate the walls with life-sized printables of Gabby, Pandy Paws, and the rest of the crew for photo ops.
  • Color Schemes Matching the Show’s Palette: Use the show’s vibrant color scheme – think purples, pinks, and blues – for balloons, tablecloths, and streamers to bring the setting to life.
  • Paw-Print Pathways: Create paw-print pathways with washable paint or stickers leading to different party areas.
  • Dollhouse Entry: If you’re up for a DIY project, transform your party entrance into a dollhouse façade using cardboard and paint.

Section 2: Dress Code and Costumes

Gabby's Dollhouse Party costume
Photo credit Pink Toes & Hair Bows

A themed party is never complete without guests dressing the part. Encourage the little party-goers to come dressed as their favorite “Gabby’s Dollhouse” characters. Here are some purr-fect costume ideas and tips to help them get into character:

  • Gabby: A simple striped t-shirt, a pair of overalls, and a headband with cat ears will have any kiddo ready to play the part of Gabby. Add a sprinkle of creativity with a homemade magic wand.
  • Pandy Paws: For the mischievous Pandy Paws, a black and white jumpsuit or a set of pajamas, coupled with a DIY paper mask and tail, will do the trick.
  • Kitty Fairy: Little ones can flit around as the adorable Kitty Fairy with a tulle skirt, sparkly wings, and a wand topped with a little cat’s paw.
  • CatRat: Is there a child in the group who loves to make others laugh? A CatRat costume complete with oversized glasses will be a hit!
  • Baby Box: A cardboard box painted or wrapped in yellow, with some added paw prints, transforms a little one into Baby Box – don’t forget the little cat ears!

Tips for Parents:

  • Costume Swaps: Organize a costume swap with other parents to find the perfect outfit without breaking the bank.
  • DIY Magic: Many of the show’s costumes can be created with a little DIY magic. Use felt to create ears, tails, and even character-inspired shirts.
  • Safety First: Always ensure costumes are safe and comfortable, with no tripping hazards or obstructive masks.
  • Last-Minute Fixes: Keep a costume repair kit handy during the party for any quick fixes – it’s a lifesaver for those little unexpected moments.
  • Themed Colors: If a full costume is too much, suggest wearing themed colors. A simple pink or blue outfit can still feel very much in tune with the party vibe.

Section 3: Themed Games and Activities

Now, it’s time to play! Here’s a table full of engaging Gabby’s Dollhouse-inspired games and activities designed to delight various age groups. These activities will not only entertain but also immerse the kids in the magical world of Gabby and her pals.

Activity Name Age Group Materials Needed Instructions
1. Pandy’s Paw Print Hunt 3-7 Printable paw prints, small prizes or candies Hide paw prints around the party area with numbers on the back leading to hidden treasures.
2. Gabby’s Guessing Game 4-8 Pictures of show characters, a music player Play a snippet of character’s voices and have kids guess who’s talking.
3. Kitty Fairy’s Flight School 5-9 DIY fairy wings, obstacle course Kids navigate an obstacle course wearing wings to collect ‘fairy dust’ glitter packets at the end.
4. Cakey’s Decorating Contest 4-8 Cupcakes, icing, edible decorations Each child decorates a cupcake and the most creative decoration wins a prize.
5. Pillow’s Dreamy Dance-off All Ages Music playlist, open space Kids show off their best dance moves and everyone gets a ‘dreamy dancer’ award sticker.
6. MerCat’s Treasure Dive 6-10 Pool (if available), toy fishes, nets Kids ‘dive’ for toy fishes and collect them in nets within a time limit.
7. DJ Catnip’s Music Mix-up 3-7 Music player, mixed up popular kids’ songs Play mixed up songs and have kids guess the correct song titles.

Section 4: Themed Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks Gabby's Dollhouse Party
Photo credit Amazon.com

Recipes for Snacks and Drinks:

  1. Pandy’s Paws Popcorn: Pop a big batch of popcorn and sprinkle it with edible glitter or colored sugar for a snack that sparkles.
  2. Kitty Cupcakes: Use a basic cupcake recipe and top with icing to create little cat faces, complete with candy whiskers and chocolate chip noses.
  3. Magic Wand Fruit Skewers: Skewer a colorful selection of fruit onto sticks, and top each one with a star-shaped piece of melon or pineapple to create edible magic wands.
  4. Cakey’s Cookie Decorating Station: Bake sugar cookies in the shape of cat heads and provide icing, sprinkles, and edible markers for kids to decorate their own.
  5. Feline Fizz: Mix a fruit punch and add a scoop of sherbet to each cup for a fizzy, frothy drink that will tickle their whiskers.

Themed Names for Dishes:

  • “Gabby’s Garden Veggies”: Serve an array of fresh veggies with dip, and label it as Gabby’s own garden harvest.
  • “CatRat Cheese and Crackers”: Arrange cheese and crackers in the shape of CatRat for a fun and cheesy snack.
  • “Baby Box’s Juice Boxes”: Offer juice boxes wrapped in yellow paper and add paw prints for a cute twist on a party staple.
  • “Pillow’s Pillow Puffs”: Marshmallows dusted with powdered sugar make for a sweet treat that’s as fluffy as Pillow Cat.

Section 5: Party Favors and Thank You Notes

No guest should leave without a little memento from the day’s adventure. Here’s how you can make the goodbye as heartwarming as the party itself:

  • Customized Cat Ears: Give each child a set of cat ears to take home, ensuring the party’s spirit lives on.
  • Character Sticker Sheets: Fun and functional, stickers are always a hit. Sheets featuring Gabby and the gang will let kids take a piece of the dollhouse home.
  • Gabby’s Dollhouse Storybooks: If the budget allows, a small book from the series makes a great favor and encourages reading.

Thank You Note Template:

“Dear [Child’s Name],

Thank you for helping make [Your Child’s Name]’s Gabby’s Dollhouse party absolutely meow-gical! Your [describe the costume/character] costume was so creative, and we loved watching you [favorite activity from the party]. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Purrs and Paws, [Your Child’s Name] and Family”


Planning your Gabby’s Dollhouse party is sure to be just as fun as the party itself. From the decorations and costumes to games and treats, each detail adds to a celebration that’s bound to be filled with joy, creativity, and lots of kitty cuddles. Remember, the best parties are the ones where imagination is the guest of honor – and with Gabby’s Dollhouse as your theme, imagination has a VIP invite.

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Purr-fect Party Plans: Ultimate Gabby’s Dollhouse Party Ideas
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