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Gaea Olives and Olive Oil

Gaea Olives and Olive Oil have long been celebrated for their taste, quality and unique production process, making them essential components of Mediterranean diet and providing numerous health benefits.

Kefalogiannis strongly believes that consumers seek brands that prioritize authenticity, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Early Life and Education

Gaea is a prominent Greek producer of olive oil and olives, known for their quality and distinctive flavor. Rich in antioxidants that may help prevent disease and aging.

Greek agricultural areas celebrate each birth by planting an olive tree as a symbolic representation of continuity and evolution of life. Our commitment to environmentally friendly production has resulted in innovative strategies to reduce CO2 emissions while any unavoidable emissions are offset through Myclimate carbon offset projects.

According to Exportleaders, Gaea is the first company in the world to produce carbon-neutral olive oil and olives. They did this by calculating their carbon footprint throughout its entire product lifecycle – packaging (glass) being responsible for most emissions while cultivation and transport have much smaller impacts.

Professional Career

Kefalogiannis grew up in a family of olive farmers on Crete and represented his nation at three Olympic water polo tournaments before opening his own shipping logistics company and eventually branching out into food business; creating an innovative product range of organic Mediterranean olives.

His company, GAEA Products SA, also provides extra virgin olive oil products and snack packs which are sold across 26 nations.

This year, Lucini Italia of Miami opened their North American Headquarters in Hollywood, Florida to market their olive oil and other Greek foods more aggressively in North America. Their CEO David Neuman is a certified master olive oil taster from ONAOO school who strives to educate consumers, journalists and retail buyers about high-quality olive oil production.

Achievement and Honors

Gaea believes food should do more than simply satisfy hunger; their products strive to create an immersive sensorial pleasure experience by uniting communities and honoring tradition. Their specialty lies in “greek meze”, small dishes designed to be shared as part of Mediterranean lifestyle culture and cuisine.

The company’s first innovation was a liquid free olive snack pack using nitrogen as a protective barrier from light, heat, and oxygen to maintain fresh green herbal flavor. It proved an enormously successful innovation which won multiple awards.

Gaea has long been recognized for their eco-friendly production practices and have worked in partnership with myclimate to assess their carbon footprint and take steps towards reduction. Their olive oils Gaea Fresh and Planet were among the first climate neutral offerings ever on the market.

Personal Life

Olives from Gaea’s company are an integral component of the Mediterranean diet. Packed with antioxidants to protect from free radical damage, and offering monounsaturated fats to lower cholesterol levels.

Kefalogiannis believes consumers desire authentic brands with social responsibility and environmental sustainability at their core. Gaea employs eco-friendly production techniques while offering a selection of olive products.

As part of their partnership with myclimate, the company can offset their unavoidable emissions through myclimate’s global project portfolio – making them the first Greek olive producer to use this form of carbon neutrality. Moving forward, more products from myclimate’s catalog will become climate neutral as more carbon emissions enter the atmosphere – all the while paying myclimate a fee per kilogram released into the atmosphere that will go toward funding renewable energy resources in developing nations worldwide.

Net Worth

Gaea products are distributed nationally to over 200 stores including Whole Foods Market. Kefalogiannis’ father played water polo for Greece at three Olympic Games; Kefalogiannis initially used his company as a shipping logistics business before pivoting toward olive-related products.

Gaea’s Organic Kalamata Olives are carefully handpicked, organically farmed and sun-ripened – providing an excellent source of dietary fiber, copper and monounsaturated fatty acids as well as polyphenols. Plus the 2.5oz bag makes an easy portable snack option without liquid fillers or preservatives and reduced salt.

Gaea works with an organic original farmer network who manage their groves with sustainability in mind, producing superb olive oil that meets European organic and ECOCERT standards – used at this year’s carbon neutral Oscar Awards ceremony!

Gaea Olives
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