Nintendo’s Mario History

Previously, you could go to the arcade to play as a popular plumber, and now you can play Super Mario Bros online from the comfort of your home. In the arcade The main character of the iconic video game series and of the whole Nintendo company, was invented by Shigeru Miyamoto, a graduate of the […]

Sea of Thieves Tips: 5 Things To Know Before You Play

Since its launch, SEA of Thieves has been releasing one after another update to keep the fans engaged and entertained. So, the game mechanics keep changing. If you have played this game two years back, you will find the difference between the old and the current version. If you are a new player, a solid […]

Rust Survival Guide: 7 Tips to Survive on Your Own

Rust is undoubtedly a brutal and unforgiving survival game of all times. You start naked with only a torch and rock in your hand. You have to gather resources like stones, wood, and food to stay alive. Playing all by yourself is a bit dangerous in Rust. Death is inevitable, and you get raided now […]

How To Play Free Checkers

If you want to play checkers game, you should always look for a free platform. Several websites provide you with the opportunity to play this game for free. Therefore, you should not waste your money playing it for a price. Several online websites are available to help you play this game for free. However, you […]

The Risks Of Playing Video Games While Driving

Some types of vehicle technology can reduce road crashes by as much as 50%, according to Dangerous Roads. But one piece of in-car technology has recently got people talking for all the wrong reasons. Tesla has come under fire for a video game feature that can be used when driving. But just how much of a danger are […]

Types Of Gamers Found In Singaporeans

Singapore is known for being a top gaming destination in the world. In addition to boasting a thriving gaming scene, the country is also home to several world-class eSports tournaments. If you’re looking to get into competitive gaming, Singapore is the place to be. Here are some of the top gaming keywords that you should […]

Best Minecraft Sponge Recipe

The Best Minecraft Sponge Recipe Will Make Your Blocks Soft And Awesome In Minecraft, a sponge is a block that is used to hold water, which is essential for creating any kind of building. However, a sponge isn’t just a sponge. You can use one to make the water slide down the block, and then […]

Upgrade Your Gaming Experience With A PSVR Lens Insert

Virtual Reality is a new gaming technology that gives you the ability to experience an alternate reality. With the release of the PSVR gaming system, people are now afforded the opportunity to explore these digital worlds without having to leave their homes. This article review features a lens insert and goes into detail about what […]

How To Turn Off Parental Controls On Fortnite

Fortnite includes various parental controls within Fortnite or via gaming platforms and the epic games store. If you want to know how to turn off the Fortnite parental controls on your Fortnite account to access all the features of Fortnite, you’ve landed on the right page. Parental controls are available on several devices to block […]

10 Improve Your Aim In Battlefield 2042

Some gamers have trouble with their aim in Battlefield 2042. If you’re one of them, then this blog post is for you!  We’ll be going over ten tips to improve your aim so that you can get on the leaderboard and show off your skills.  1. Get a gaming mouse with a high DPI The […]

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