Gangs in New Jersey – 2010 NJSP Survey

gangs in new jersey 2010 njsp survey 48898

According to the NJ Street Gang Survey 2010, New Jersey has a high number of gangs. This study maps the prevalence of gangs in New Jersey’s towns and cities. The map incorporates a variety of geographic and shape data, including the number of gangs per municipality and their composition. The heat maps show the data, with red municipalities. The darker the red, more gangs will be present.

The gangs survey was conducted by the New Jersey State Police and the Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes transparency in government. The Sunlight Foundation sponsored an event to showcase the results of the survey. Visitors can view the data using two primary entry points and compare each municipality’s ranking to the national average.

Gangs in New Jersey – 2010 NJSP Survey
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