The Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Have you ever thought about the benefits of having a raised garden bed? Although you might be thinking “what benefits could I possibly get from raised garden beds?”, there are some pretty valid reasons that having one can do wonders to your produce. Let’s take a look at these benefits below and you can decide […]

The Top Three Houseplants For Beginners That Will Enliven Your Home

When constructing and decorating new homes Truoba residential architects can help you a great deal. They can create marvelous spaces for living and later help you decorate them to ensure a fresh and lively ambiance. Adding plants to your interiors is one of the most suggested ideas to liven up a room. Well, it turns […]

How Long Does It Take to Grow a Potato?

The key to growing potatoes is understanding their seasonal requirements. They grow best in cool weather, so it is important to plan your planting at a different time of the year. They also do not like hot soil, as it stunts their growth by signalling the plants to stop making tubers and concentrate on reproduction. […]

Pruning and Fertilizing Sugarcane

Sugarcane is one of the fastest-growing crops, but it can be difficult to grow properly. Here are some helpful tips for growing sugarcane successfully. Pruning is an important part of sugarcane care, and fertilizing is an important aspect as well. After establishing your sugarcane plant, it is time to start fertilizing and pruning it. Planting […]

How Many Pints in a Grow Tent?

When determining the size of a grows tent, you have to consider how much space you’ll need. You should compare the measurements of two different sizes, like 3′ x 3′ vs. 2′ x 2′. If you have multiple grow tents, a 50-pint Honeywell is a good choice, as it can remove up to 6 gallons […]

How Do Flowers Grow?

The wonder of flowers is hardly limited to the garden. One tiny blossom can turn into a field full of wildflowers. In the same way, one fallen apple can become a handful of trees. This amazing process of flower reproduction is fascinating for both scientists and nature lovers. This article will cover pollination, fertilization, fruit […]

Can a Regular Light Bulb Help Plants Grow Better?

A regular light bulb doesn’t necessarily help your plants grow better. Different plants require different conditions for growth. Some are drought-tolerant while others need bright light to survive. Therefore, you’ll need to do your research before starting your growing experiment. A good way to find out more about the growing conditions of a plant is […]

How Long Does It Take An Orange Tree To Grow?

So you want to know how long it takes an orange tree to mature? Several factors will determine how long it takes to mature. In general, orange trees mature after 10 to 14 years. However, some trees will grow for longer. Some trees reach up to 100 years of age! Problems with growing an orange […]

11 Tips for Selling Fresh Farm Produce Online

Ecommerce has taken the world by storm as it offers convenience for buyers and can expose businesses to global markets. It has expanded to include unconventional items like food, groceries, and plants.  While most businesses have been affected by the economic downturn, food sales have continued to stay high since food is a basic need. […]

How Long Does It Take For A Plant To Grow?

Duration of the growing season Knowledge of the onset and duration of growing seasons can help farmers to plan the harvest and sowing of their crops accordingly. This information can also help reduce the risk of sowing or planting too early or too late. The onset date and timing of the rainy season are key […]

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