General Jack Keane and His Wife Angela McGlowan Are Married

General Jack Keane and his wife Angela are now officially married. The four-star retired general was a member MetLife’s board and held many national security appointments. His wife praised him for being a brilliant strategist, and an American hero. They met at Yale and were married in 2004.

Keane was a decorated war veteran who served as vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army for nearly four decades. While they were both still in high school, Keane met his future wife Theresa through a blind date. They were married in 1965 and had two children together. In his interviews, he argued that former presidents had failed to do enough to fight off Iranian aggression. He was a paratrooper and served in Vietnam War. He later went on to command American troops throughout the world.

Keane was also married to John Venners (a retired executive), in addition to his position as the head of the government. He was previously the chairman of the Institute for the Study of War and has thirty-five years of experience running private and public companies. He was also the chairman of Metlife.

Angela McGlowan, a best-selling author, was born in the U.S. Matthew was the first child of the couple. The child was severely retarded and had cerebral palsy. In 2012, the couple remarried. Angela has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Angela McGlowan spent her childhood in Lafayette, Louisiana. Her father was a minister, and an educator. Jack Keane continues to offer wise advice to military leaders and to visit troops on the frontier. He is currently the chairman of AM General. He is also a well-known strategist and national security analyst.

Angela McGlowan, Jack Keane’s spouse, is a best-selling author as well as a political commentator. She has also become a Fox News contributor. Angela was born in Oxford, Mississippi. Jack Keane and Angela are now officially married. Both are well-known for their political views and their work in the political arena.

Jack Keane and Angela have been married for 51 years. Angela is also an FOX News contributor. She also ran for a Mississippi Congressional seat. The two also have a program that funds education for veterans, sponsored by Penn Mutual. Her husband was the recipient of many awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The couple met when Jack was still a student at Fordham University. He later became president and CEO of GSI. In addition to his work in the military, he has several other business ventures. He also serves as chairman of AM General and co-founded IP3 International.

Jack Keane’s wife, Janet, is an accountant. They have two children, one male. Keane served in the United States Army’s rangers during Vietnam War. He served as a platoon commander and company commander before he retired from the military in 2003. After his retirement, he has worked as a national security commentator for Fox News. General Dynamics also has him on its board. From his television appearances, General Keane makes an estimated $400,000 annually.

General Jack Keane and His Wife Angela McGlowan Are Married
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