Genshin Help Huai’an – How Does Genshin Help Huai’an?

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How can Genshin help Huai’an? First, visit the Wangshu Inn to speak with the innkeeper. He will ask you for help in repairing the stairs. You will be given planks to do so. Once the stairs are fixed, you can talk to Huai’an and give him more planks. You can complete this mission in one sitting if you follow the instructions carefully.

Once you have enough experience, you are now able to help Huaian with a random assignment. You will usually need to complete several sittings in order to receive the commission. Once you have it, you need to return it to the Wangshu Inn. Huaian will be very grateful for your assistance after you have completed the repair. You can also help her restore her stairs. Huaian can be helped by fixing her stairs.

Genshin Help Huai’an – How Does Genshin Help Huai’an?
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