George Candy

George Candy

Candy is a ranch hand who is seen as an outcast within his community. He loves his pup, Butch, dearly.

He tragically loses his beloved pet when Carlson, an unfeeling stranger, pressures him into euthanizing it.

He is a lonely individual who longs for friends. He feels that no one else will accept him on the ranch.

Early Life and Education

George Candy was born on October 9, 1901 in Okmulgee, Oklahoma to Evangeline (Aker) and Sidney James Candy. He had Ukrainian and Polish ancestry.

Candy had aspirations to be an actor. He studied journalism and theatre at Centennial College in Toronto.

He joined Toronto-based improv comedy troupe Second City and was part of their television division. Additionally, he appeared in several low-budget films like Tunnel Vision and Find the Lady.

Candy’s film career hit a wall in the late 1980s, but he began taking more serious roles on. His first was as corrupt lawyer Dean Andrews in JFK (1991).

Professional Career

Candy was an American actor and comedian best known for his roles in films like The Great Outdoors, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Spaceballs and Uncle Buck. He also featured on television shows such as Second City sketch comedy series.

After taking a brief hiatus from acting, Candy returned to the screen in 1991 with Oliver Stone’s JFK. Over the following few years, he appeared in other movies and television shows such as Little Shop of Horrors, Cool Runnings and The Blues Brothers.

Candy enjoyed coaching his children’s tennis team and volunteering as a tutor to assist with schoolwork. Since moving to west Charlotte with his wife, Candy and she have found that there is an abundance of community connections here.

Achievements and Honors

George Candy made a name for himself in the comedy world and as an accomplished actor in numerous films. He also became an inspiring motivational speaker, earning him numerous awards and honors for his work.

He was born to Evangeline (Aker) and Sidney Candy of Newmarket, Ontario. After attending a community college, he made several small roles before joining the comedy troupe Second City in Toronto, Canada.

After his success on the sketch comedy series SCTV, he earned his first starring role in Ron Howard’s Splash. This movie became an instant classic and cemented his success as a performer.

Personal Life

George Candy is a lonely and discontented man. He feels that he has lost his purpose on the ranch and is rapidly approaching senility.

He misses his wife and daughter dearly. Additionally, he has a pet dog that is blind, mangy, and stinks.

His dog is a symbol for him that he feels like he’s losing his place on the ranch. Although he struggles with killing it, Carlson convinces him it would be cruel to keep the animal alive.

Lennie is a symbol for George. He’s innocent and childish at heart, yet fiercely loyal in his devotion to George.

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George Candy

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