George Cantrell

George Cantrell

George Cantrell was a dapper and sophisticated young man when he joined Hollywood as an actor, providing reliable support for many Hollywood stars.

He was a true gentleman who loved his family with all his heart. His legacy will be sorely missed by so many.

Early Life and Education

George Cantrell was born around 1913 and grew up in Stamford, Connecticut before joining the Air Force.

He obtained his business degree from Howard-Payne University and then worked as a supervisor at Pitney Bowes.

Following his honorable discharge, he moved to Irving, Texas in search of employment. It was there that he met and married Anna Nelson.

He enjoyed a happy and prosperous life with Anna and their three children. They took pleasure in traveling and spending time with their loved ones until tragically, Anna passed away in 1999.

Professional Career

George Cantrell is a professional bass-baritone who has performed throughout the United States, Italy, Austria, France and Japan. He has performed with various orchestras and choirs.

George has a distinctive vocal style that critics have described as “rich and plangent.” He has been praised for his ability to deliver an engaging lyrical musical interpretation with great control and sensitivity.

His music is rooted in folk, country and blues genres. He draws inspiration from early country artists like Hank Williams and Delta bluesman Son House as well as Joe Fletcher from Americana band The Wrong Reasons who he credits with helping shape his songwriting style.

Achievements and Honors

George Cantrell was a successful businessman who earned numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. He also had an immense love of family life, cherishing time spent with his children.

He was a kind and gentle soul who will be missed by many. His love of family was evident, making him the true gentleman he was; always remembered for his generous spirit.

Cantrell, an alumnus of the University of Tennessee, has earned recognition for his academic success in his home state. He is a recipient of both the Governor’s Scholarship and other accolades.

Personal Life

George Cantrell has achieved great success as both a writer and actor, as well as having an avid passion for music. He has composed many songs and released multiple albums over the years.

He loves spending time with his family and is an active participant in his church.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with numerous companies and donated to numerous charity organizations.

His personal life has been marked by faithfulness as a husband and father, as well as an amazing friend to his children and grandchildren. Furthermore, he is passionate about supporting his favorite team – the Dallas Cowboys – with great enthusiasm.

Net Worth

At the end of 2008, George Cantrell had a net worth of $38 million. According to his Form 4 filed with the SEC on September 4th 2008, he owns 63,956 units of Mid-America Apartment Communities stock and has made 12 trades since 2003.

Cantrell is the lead guitarist and co-vocalist for Alice in Chains, boasting extensive rock artistry that has been praised by both critics and fans. Additionally, he has released two solo albums as well as performing with various notable bands.

Cantrell has also performed as the vocalist for the rock band Deftones and made appearances in movies such as The Cable Guy (1996), John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) and Dark Nights: Metal (2018). He strongly believes in doing what you love – doing something you are naturally good at will always yield positive outcomes.

George Cantrell

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