George Carpinello

George Carpinello – A Lawyer From East Greenbush

George Carpinello and his brother Anthony were raised in East Greenbush by their mother Jennie. She served as a law school registrar and later an assistant dean at Albany Law.

Jennie Carpinello was the anchor of her school, an inspiring figure in the lives of generations of students. Her guidance is credited with having profound effects on many lives – including those of students who went on to become lawyers.

Early Life and Education

George Carpinello and his brother Anthony Carpinello were raised in Albany, NY under their mother Jennie’s guidance. Both attended Albany Law School – the first generation to do so – which has a long and distinguished history as being the center of legal education in New York State. Its motto, “The College of the State of New York,” accurately describes its alumni population which included two members of the Court of Appeals: Justices Anthony Carpinello and Joseph DeCicco.

Professional Career

George Carpinello has extensive litigation experience, having litigated numerous matters in federal and state courts. His areas of expertise include business, civil rights and intellectual property law. Additionally, he has appeared as an advocate before the United States Supreme Court as well as New York state appellate courts.

He is a partner at Boies Schiller Flexner LLP in Albany, New York and an expert in antitrust, class actions and intellectual property litigation. Additionally, he holds memberships in both the American Bar Association and New York State Bar Association; plus, he was named Super Lawyer by Super Lawyers magazine for his outstanding professional accomplishments in law. Moreover, he serves as Chair of New York State Advisory Committee on Civil Practice which advises Chief Judge and Chief Administrative Judge about changes to civil practice within the state.

Achievements and Honors

George and Anthony Carpinello were raised as the sons of Jennie Carpinello in East Greenbush as her only child. For 33 years, she worked at Albany Law School, teaching generations of students the ropes of this nation’s oldest independent law school.

Today, George is a partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner in New York State; they specialize in complex litigation. He chairs the state’s Advisory Committee on Civil Practice which advises the court system on changes to civil practice laws. George has also been nominated four times to the Court of Appeals, twice for chief judge. Previously a professor of law and director of Albany Law School’s Government Law Center, George has served on numerous court and bar association committees.

Personal Life

George has long been an active supporter of his local community and champion of green initiatives. He holds great admiration for the city he loves and is proud to call it home. In addition to his legal practice, George enjoys playing golf and taking in nature’s beauty.

His legal career has seen him litigate cases in federal, state and bankruptcy courts around the country. One of his most notable victories was winning a case that transformed how people view and use government property for positive purposes. Furthermore, he boasts an impressive portfolio of patents, trademarks and copyrights to his name – with all these innovations put to good use by helping clients turn their ideas into realities.

Net Worth

George Carpinello was raised in a working-class Sicilian immigrant family by his single mother, Jennie Carpinello. Her profession as a waitress and secretary at Albany Law School saw her eventually transition into teaching and mentoring future lawyers at what would become New York State’s oldest independent law school. To this day she remains an influential figure in her son’s life as well as that of brothers Anthony and Michael who also attended Albany Law School; their mother remains close-knit now that she is a great-grandmother living in Albany’s South End neighborhood with four children and seven grandchildren.

George Carpinello

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