George Caruso

George Caruso

Georgie Caruso is a film producer and rival to Luann Delaney in the pornography business. He features prominently in both Season 2 and Season 4 episodes of FX original series Sons of Anarchy.

He is running for Mayor of Los Angeles and has rapidly ascented to the top of the Democratic polls, surpassing Karen Bass in popularity.

Early Life and Education

Caruso’s parents were poor and he did not receive a formal education. Instead, he worked alongside his dad in one of the factories.

Despite his humble origins, he rose to become one of operatic tenors’ greats. His voice was renowned for its power and rich tone.

He made his initial acoustic recordings for the Gramophone Company in Milan in April 1902. These were later released on discs by Pathe Records and quickly went on to become best-sellers.

He continued his performances throughout America and Europe. Additionally, he served as a principal tenor at the Metropolitan Opera for 18 consecutive seasons.

Professional Career

George Caruso has extensive knowledge in the real estate development field. His portfolio includes properties throughout America, from the Midwest and South to the Atlantic Coast and Pacific Coast.

Caruso not only owns and operates his malls, but he also makes significant philanthropic contributions in healthcare and education. He serves on the boards of Para Los Ninos, NIT and Saint John’s Health Center Foundation.

His campaign is geared toward winning over Latino voters in the San Fernando Valley, an area of Los Angeles that’s heavily Latino. A UC Berkeley poll shows him leading Bass by nine points here.

Achievements and Honors

George Caruso is a renowned businessman and philanthropist, having received numerous honors throughout his life for his contributions to real estate development.

He serves on the Boards of Directors for Para Los Ninos, Saint John’s Health Center Foundation and California Hospital Medical Center as well as serving as Chairman of the University of Southern California Board of Trustees.

He began his career as a singer in Naples, Italy where he earned money by performing at cafes and parties. His mother encouraged him in his musical pursuits until her passing at 18; this spurred his ambitions even further.

Personal Life

George Caruso was a loving husband and father who cherished his family. Additionally, he was an incredible friend to all his friends and neighbors alike.

He was a proud veteran, having served honorably in the United States Marine Corps during World War II. Additionally, he was an active member of both the American Legion and Barre Elks Lodge where he served as past president.

He loved to paint in his spare time, traveling throughout Europe and Asia to depict subjects such as famine and overpopulation through paintings.

He also ran for Los Angeles City Mayor in 2022 and was supported by numerous law enforcement officials and victims’ advocates.

Net Worth

George Caruso is a billionaire real estate developer with an estimated net worth of $4 Billion. He’s renowned for constructing several upscale malls in Los Angeles.

He is also a generous philanthropist, contributing to community organizations. He supports Para Los Ninos, a nonprofit that provides top-notch early education services for children in Los Angeles.

His net worth has skyrocketed over the years and he is now considered to be the richest person in California. He owns properties such as The Grove, Americana at Brand, Palisades Village and Calabasas Commons.

He owns a sprawling estate on Malibu and an even larger one 20 minutes inland in Brentwood Park. This property has been in his family’s possession for decades and functions almost like a compound.

George Caruso

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